Janelle Monae Has A Hilarious Way To Deal With Post-Election Stress

Less than a day after voters cast their ballots on Nov. 3, 2020 and with numbers from various polls still rolling in, millions of people across the United States are dealing with post-election stress and uncertainty as to whether Republican incumbent President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden will ultimately be declared the next American president

While The New York Times has compiled a list of how to cope with post-election anxiety (suggestions include avoiding screen time, taking walks, or simply reading a book), denizens of the internet are taking more, well, creative approaches to avail themselves of the endless mobius strip of election-induced panic. To no one's surprise, celebrities are also following suit.

Among those celebs is none other than pop singer and performance artist Janelle Monáe. Considering her taste for the conceptual and the avant-garde, her solution is no less experimental than her albums, and luckily for us, equally hilarious. So how is Janelle Monáe dealing with her own stripe of post-election stress? 

Janelle Monae's told everyone to 'buzz off' post-election

What solution did performer Janelle Monáe employ to help deal with her post-election stress? It looks like the singer and actress will be burrowing under the covers until the votes from Election Day are fully counted and finalized. Keep in mind, Monáe has proven in the past that she isn't averse to wearing things like a tower of hats or showing some seriously impressive, method acting-like dedication by living as an alter-ego that happens to be a cyborg, so it's no surprise that she's burrowing under her duvet in...style, of sorts.

In a tweet sent from Monáe's account on Nov. 4, 2020, the "Dirty Computer" singer posted a photo of what appears to either be a futurism-inspired, highly detailed mask or prosthetic head of a fly surrounded by pillows and swaddled tightly by a comforter. "Wake me up when ALL of the votes are counted," read the accompanying caption. She followed up by urging her followers and fans to "buzz [TF] off" until the votes were finalized, ending with the sign-off "respectfully[,] Flyyyrene."

Twitter users immediately went in on the joke, with one netizen declaring "in my headcanon Janelle has been dressed like a fly — with prosthetics -[and] all — for [four] days," and another noting that Monáe's get up "should have been my Halloween costume." Hey, whatever works, right?