57% Of People Agree That This Is The Most Cringe-Worthy Celebrity

The internet is full of cringe. You know, that feeling of second-hand embarrassment you get in your stomach from seeing someone act uncouth. And cringe isn't just for YouTube fails and bad takes on Twitter. We regularly see celebrities cross over into the realms of cringe, too. Whether they're trying out a new image, offering half-baked political takes or just playing the fool in hopes of getting attention, it's easy for anyone with a big enough platform to end up being cringe-worthy.

That being said, not all cringe is created equal. Sure, everybody has cringe-worthy moments, but some celebrities seem to make it their entire brand. Maybe they have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or maybe they just can't tell when a joke has truly run its course. Nicki Swift surveyed the internet to find out who's the most cringe-worthy celeb on the net, and, at long last, we have an answer.

No one is more cringe-worthy than Kanye West

According to Nicki Swift's polling, Kanye West is officially the most cringe-worthy celebrity on the internet. 57% of respondents chose the controversial rapper and former (and probably future) presidential candidate as the most cringey celebrity in the world. West was also voted Nicki Swift's shadiest celebrity, proving that it is possible to be both cringey and shady. Miley Cyrus was a distant second, notching 23% of the vote. In third place with 7% of the vote, was "actual cannibal" Shia LaBeouf, followed by Jennifer Lawrence with 6%.

The poll also featured a write-in category, which had plenty of Kardashian-Jenner representation. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes as a couple was a fairly popular write-in answer as well, with one respondent saying they had a "parody of a relationship for social media likes." Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer were both fairly popular answers as well.

In another interesting development, Shia LaBeouf fans used the write-in feature to defend the actor against allegations of cringe, which was honestly pretty touching. However, no one logged on to defend Kanye West, sealing his fate as the most cringe-worthy celeb in the world.