What Happened To Julia Hall After Love Island USA?

Julia Hall entered the Love Island USA Season 2 villa with the intention of ruffling some feathers. The North Carolina native showed up in a gorgeous lacy angel costume, complete with her own halo and set of wings. She then proceeded to give a sultry lap dance to her potential suitors. "I'm 90 percent angel, but that 10 percent you gotta watch out for," she told the camera upon entering the villa. She caught the eye of Carrington Rodriguez, but despite going on a date, her efforts were not enough to keep her on the island (or in this case, the Las Vegas rooftop villa where they filmed due to the coronavirus pandemic). 

While her time on Love Island USA was short, Julia has made it clear she regrets nothing in the multiple posts she has made about the show. "My time was short lived but I had such an amazing time and experience!" she said after getting voted off. Julia Hall has been fairly quiet on social media since leaving the show, which begs the question: what has she been up to? Here is what happened to Julia Hall after Love Island USA.

Julia Hall is back to work after a long break

Julia Hall seems to be drinking wine and enjoying life since her departure from Love Island USA. In September 2020, she shared a throwback mirror selfie of her time at the villa on her Instagram with Lakeyn Call, Kierstan Saulter, and Laurel Goldman. She then posted herself sipping on some wine at a mystery beach wearing a stunning floral floor-length dress with a slit. This may be a throwback from many of her world travels, which dominated her page prior to her reality TV stint. One of her castmates Aaron Owen commented on the photo, per Screenrant, reminding her that she can only have two glasses of wine, which is a Love Island production rule. "I think I downed a whole bottle after I left the villa," she responded. Later, she shared a shot of her posing in a polka dot dress at a bar, captioned "Back to business." 

Julia is a Miami realtor, and while she has been quiet about her work, possibly due to the pandemic, it seems like she is getting back to it. Whether she is reminiscing on her time in Las Vegas or getting ready to make moves in the Miami real estate world, Julia is certainly putting her best wing forward while doing it.