The Bachelorette: Catherine Giudici Has A Theory About Clare And Dale

The Bachelor franchise is always full of surprises, but Season 16 of The Bachelorette had the biggest — and most dramatic — plot twist thus far when Clare Crawley left the show a couple weeks into filming. Usually, the Bachelor or Bachelorette dates his or her suitors for about eight weeks before ultimately choosing "the one" at the very end. However, Clare felt like she met her husband as soon as Dale Moss stepped out of the limo on night one. This resulted in Moss getting down on one knee and the couple getting engaged mere episodes later.

The unprecedented moment sparked lots of scrutiny after some people questioned the validity of their relationship. Many believed the pair developed a connection before the show started filming even though both Clare and Dale denied having any contact. While fans, including host Chris Harrison, were skeptical about the two falling in love so quickly, Bachelor Nation's Catherine Giudici has a theory about Clare and Dale's pre-Bachelorette romance. Keep scrolling to read her comments and find out why she's not surprised Clare didn't waste any time.

Catherine Giudici thinks Clare already had feelings for Dale before meeting him

Catherine Giudice, who met and fell in love with husband Sean Lowe on The Bachelor in 2013, believes Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' relationship is the real deal and explained why she's not surprised it only took two weeks for the pair to fall in love. "It's such a unique situation because it's such a concentrated time," she told E! News

"It's two weeks of no other thing but thinking about that person, so I get it. Sean and I were nine weeks in, probably, before we fell in love." Plus, since Clare previously admitted that she looked up her suitors on Instagram after the ABC series was halted due to the pandemic, per Vulture, Catherine has a theory. "I think she was already starting to have feelings before she met him in person," the Bachelor Nation star said. "I think she knows what she wants. And Dale knew what he wanted and I just think it's a really cool love story."

Catherine said she can totally relate, too, admitting she would not have gone on the reality series if Sean wasn't the bachelor. "I watched him on Emily Maynard's season," she explained. "And the only reason I went on the show was because of him. I know Ari [Luyendyk] was being discussed as the Bachelor and Roberto [Martinez] I think was too. And if it wasn't Sean then I wouldn't have been interested."

After all, love at first sight — even if it's on TV or social media — is a real thing.