Tom Girardi Reveals Unexpected Details Amid Erika Jayne Divorce

Fans were quite shocked when Erika Jayne revealed that she was divorcing her husband of more than 20 years, Tom Girardi. The couple's divorce is not the only legal trouble that the couple is having; Girardi is currently involved in multiple lawsuits.

In the fall of 2020, USA Today reported that Erika and Girardi were sued for allegedly embezzling money from crash victims after filing for divorce. The couple is being accused of a "sham" divorce announcement to protect themselves against a lawsuit for allegedly embezzling funds meant for families of the victims of the fatal 2018 Lion Air plane crash, in which all 189 passengers and crew on board were killed.

The lawsuit claims that "at the heart of this deception is... Girardi and his need to fund outrageous lifestyles for himself and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Erika Jayne. To keep up their celebrity status, Tom and Erika must project a public image of obscene wealth at all times, and at whatever the cost." A few bombshells were revealed in another court case regarding Erika Jayne's husband Tom Girardi's finances. Continue scrolling for more details.

Tom Girardi reportedly owes millions and is broke

According to the embezzlement lawsuit, Tom Girardi and his law firm Girardi Keese are on the verge of financial collapse and "locked in a downward spiral of mounting debts and dwindling funds." They reportedly owe "tens of million dollars to clients, lenders, co-counsel, settlement administrators and experts, to name only a few," per USA Today.

The Los Angeles Times reported Erika Jayne's husband revealed in court that he is practically broke. Girardi reportedly shockingly testified, "At one point I had about $80 million or $50 million in cash. That's all gone... I don't have any money." Well then, how on earth was Erika Jayne able to afford her $40,000 a month "upkeep" costs?

Apparently, Girardi's law firm has been having financial troubles since 2015, when his firm won a $17 million settlement for 138 senior citizen women who used a hormone replacement therapy, which they claimed caused them to develop cancer, the newspaper reported. The women's payout from Girardi's firm did not match the amount they anticipated, so they requested an accounting, but the firm refused. The women's lawyers alleged in the filings that Girardi's "firm misappropriated over $10 million." As the case moved toward trial, Girardi borrowed $17 million in loans. Within months, he reached a settlement with the cancer survivors. Financial issues may not be the only problems that Tom Girardi is having. More on that below.

Erika Jayne's husband Tom Girardi suffered from a mysterious illness

Us Weekly reported that Tom Girardi's lawyers claim he was hospitalized in recent months with a "serious illness." That is one reason he wasn't able to pay some of his clients, including the Lion Air families. In a Dec. 14, 2020 court proceeding, it was revealed that Girardi reportedly put all of his business on hold while being hospitalized for the illness. During that same court appearance, Girardi and his law firm were held in contempt of court. A $2 million judgment was issued against them for failing to explain where funds went in the Lion Air flight settlement. On top of that, Girardi and his law firm's assets were frozen as a result.

In another possibly related lawsuit, Girardi was sued by Wells Fargo Vendor Financial Services, who accused him of breach of written agreement and conversion, per Page Six. He reportedly owes them $822,715.51 and an interest rate of 10 percent per year from the default date. Further, the bank notes that leased equipment is being held in two California locations and wants the properties seized, considering the outstanding payment.

In what could be a purely coincidental event, days after Girardi's assets were frozen, a new juicy tidbit was revealed as to why Erika Jayne filed for divorce from Tom Girardi. Keep scrolling for all the details!

Erika Jayne believes Tom Girardi was unfaithful during their marriage

In a new report from People, a source has revealed that Erika Jayne believes throughout her marriage to Tom Girardi he was unfaithful. The source claims, "The reason she divorced Tom is because he was cheating on her with multiple women." She's apparently has been aware of his alleged cheating ways but "wanted to try and save the marriage."

The source went on to claim that, "When she was performing her last week on Broadway, he left her high and dry and was frolicking around town instead of supporting her and attending her shows... She realized she would never be a priority to him and that was her breaking point." As for the timing of the embezzlement lawsuit, the source says that was pure coincidence, as "the split was a long time coming."

As part of the couple's divorce proceedings, Erika requested spousal support from Girardi. According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Tom Girardi has requested the court "terminate the court's ability to award spousal support" to Erika. He has also asked that she pay his attorney fees. Unless Erika Jayne has any gig's coming up, the sale of her clothing will have to keep her afloat!