Katy Perry's 'Not The End Of The World' Music Video Explained

Katy Perry has become well known amongst her Katy Kats (her most loyal fans) for colorful wigs, over-the-top outfits, and out of this world imagination when it comes to her music videos.

In 2011, Perry played a brace-faced teenager in "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," and in the 2014 video for "Dark Horse," she starred as a rainbow Egyptian (because, of course!) Perry's "Wide Awake” revealed a darker side of the singer with a younger version of Perry by her side, and who could forget the time fireworks popped out of Perry's chest in "Firework?" By far one of the Teenage Dream artist's most memorable music videos was the 2010 Candyland-themed "California Gurls." Perry ends the video by shooting whipped cream from her breasts toward a confused Snoop Dogg — because that's a totally normal Californian thing to do.

With the release of her sixth studio album, Smile in 2020, Perry is embracing her "California Gurls" past in the video for the single "Not the End of the World," and she's entrusting the help of a Hollywood look-a-like to help her do it. We can explain.

Zoeey Deschanel stars in the video as Katy Perry

Never underestimate Katy Perry fans because they'd travel to the ends of the Earth and beyond to support the pop star. In the video for "Not The End of the World," a few Katy Kat aliens are looking for the artist to save the world. Unfortunately for one actress, the aliens pick up the wrong celebrity. Playing on the running joke that New Girl star Zooey Deschanel is a Katy Perry look-a-like, the video shows the aliens abducting the actress, thinking it's their beloved pop star.

Deschanel, despite her best efforts to prove her identify, is forced to wear wigs and costumes reminiscent of Perry's famed "California Gurls" video. The actress eventually goes along with the antics, unplugging the Earth's internet to save mankind.

What's the message? The song talks about not losing hope or throwing your "fears in the fire." According to Deschanel and the Perry-obsessed aliens, the way to do that is to just unplug. Sage advice, but before you step away from your screens, you've got to check out this video. Fans of both the singer and actress will see their wildest dreams come true as Deschanel performs as Perry.