The Bachelorette: Why Tayshia Adams Was 'Not Alright' After Brendan Morais' Exit

While Tayshia Adams' time as The Bachelorette has been considerably less dramatic than her predecessor Clare Crawley's experience, it hasn't been completely smooth sailing either.

Tayshia notably had to sit down two feuding contestants Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb to sort through their issues like she was a grade school guidance counselor on the Dec. 8, 2020 episode of The Bachelorette. After noting that she felt like Bennett was questioning her integrity, she sent him packing. Then, he made a shocking return to both apologize and profess his love to her. "You have every ounce of my heart, right here," he confessed. "And I'm not expecting anything from you, but if there's an ounce of you still that would like to explore our relationship and continue on a journey, I would love nothing more than to stay for you," he said. She later released both Noah and Bennett from the competition.

Tayshia's relationships seemed to be stronger than ever going into fantasy suite week. However, after dreamy overnight dates with Ivan Hall and Zac Clark, Tayshia was blindsided when her first one-on-one date recipient Brendan Morais decided to break up with her because he was not ready for engagement. Tayshia was disappointed but said she understood Brendan's mindset. However, shortly after they hugged each other goodbye, Tayshia was thrown yet another curveball. Keep reading to learn why Tayshia Adams was "not alright" after Brendan Morais' exit.

Tayshia Adams received another surprise visitor following Brendan Morais' exit

Tayshia Adams did not have much time to recover from Brendan Morais' heartbreaking departure from The Bachelorette. The night after the breakup, she heard a knock on her door as she was preparing for the final rose ceremony of her season. When she opened the door, she saw former contestant Ben Smith standing there. Tayshia dumped Ben in the previous episode after he failed to show her emotional progress during their hometown date.

Ben was dumbfounded when he was sent home and knew that his lack of words was to blame, so he decided to finally do something about it. "I know I'm supposed to be long gone," he humbly began after sitting down with Tayshia in her suite. He then profusely apologized to Tayshia for the way he acted, crediting his nerves and shock to his awkward departure from the show. The army veteran also admitted his deep feelings for her. "I am in love with you. Like, the life we could have together. The thought of that, it keeps me awake at night," he said. Tayshia was stupefied by this revelation, which prompted Ben to ask if she was okay. "No, I'm not alright," she snapped before excusing herself and walking away. 

A preview for the Bachelorette finale shows Ben and Tayshia kissing, so it looks like his apology may have worked. Fans will have to tune into The Bachelorette finale to see where Tayshia's heart leads her.