The Most Embarrassing Bravo Interviews Of All Time

The Bravo interview. They all start with the same lighthearted tone, an Andy Cohen signature. But with the lethal combination of a properly liquored-up clubhouse cocktail and the right set of questions, where the interview goes is anyone's guess. Cohen actually has many chat show outlets, but the most high profile are the Bravo reunion shows and Watch What Happens Live, where guests have the opportunity to showcase themselves as charming and seasoned public figures. Whether or not they excel in that proposition is another story. 

At the best of times, you're laughing along with the guests and possibly gaining a whole new respect for their dexterity and alluring appeal, like when Martha Stewart was sandwiched between Cohen and Mark Consuelos while taking a shotski. At the worst of times, it's twisted car-wreck rubbernecking, like watching The Real Housewives of New York City's Sonja Morgan nearly two-stepping the show into an R-rating with her awkward, impromptu burlesque routine, or when Cohen came in hot asking Oprah if she's ever taken a swim in the lady pond. Pardon?

Such is the brash brilliance of Andy Cohen. And with that, we invite you to review our picks for the most embarrassing Bravo interviews of all time. 

Shep Rose defends living off his mom in his forties

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a caller grilled Southern Charm's Shep Rose about his judgments on co-star Craig Conover's career choices in pillow-istry, while Rose's 24/7 life of leisure is fully funded by his mother's dime. Rose defended his situation to a dubious Cohen, saying, "I'm fortunate enough to kinda have fun and do my thing. ... But if I needed to, I would beat the street ... I've lived in Dubai and sold real estate." 

Conover later claimed Rose's criticism stemmed from jealousy, but co-star Chelsea Meissner defended her wealthy friends during the Season 6 reunion show, stating, "It's not their fault they have a trust fund." 

Rose's wealthy lineage stems from his grandfather, Shep Rose Sr., who flourished in the steel business overseas. Rose also told Bravo that his mother's family "invented the railroads in Chicago." Invented? Okay. Both of Rose's siblings are successful lawyers in Charlotte, S.C. Of his high-level fam, Rose joked, "They're all very accomplished. And then there's me." But Rose has ventured out into business endeavors of his own. He has a clothing line called ShepGear, naturally, and co-owns the Charleston bar and restaurant The Palace Hotel. As for that surprising Dubai detail? Rose repeated the tale of his international resume entry while speaking with students at his alma mater, UGA, in January 2020. He also attended the Vanderbilt University School of Management. 

Zoe Kravitz didn't dig Lily Allen's book

When asked about Lily Allen on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Zoe Kravitz went full Mariah with: "Who's Lily Allen?" Cohen was addressing Allen's claim in her book, My Thoughts Exactly, about making out with Kravitz — to which Kravitz replied, "If she means by attacking, then yes, she kissed me." When asked if she read Allen's book, Kravitz ripped the mask fully off, saying, "I don't think anybody read the book." Savage.

Allen claimed she met Kravitz during her 2014 tour. "For my New York shows, Zoe Kravitz and her band Lolawolf supported me, so I got to know Zoe a bit," Allen wrote, adding, "Zoe and I went out partying and ended up kissing." But why the bad blood? (Suri, play "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift). One possible reason is another detail from Allen's book, in which she claimed Kravitz hooked up with A$AP Rocky after Allen left that same party. Girl? Not cool. This would imply Kravitz cheated on her then-boyfriend, either Noah Gabriel Becker or Chris Pine, both of whom she dated in 2014. Yikes.

Asked about Kravitz's clapback, Allen told MTV Australia, "I can't really speak for her. All I can say is my version of the events." Allen did, however, very diplomatically claim to appreciate Kravitz's work in Big Little Lies.  

Teresa Giudice gets physical, surprising no one

Whether you love her or hate her, Teresa Giudice is cashing in on her crazy as one of Bravo's most scene-stealing Housewives. Case in point: during The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 reunion, Danielle Staub questioned Giudice on whether Giudice had acknowledged the birth of her nephew. Okaaay. Seems like a mild jab at best. But Giudice beelined for Staub. "Do not bring up my family! ... I f***ing hate her!" Etiquette queen, is she not? Cohen attempted to hold Giudice down, only to be pushed back into his seat by her shocking strength. Staub exited the stage in an oddly callous manner, maintaining some menacing eye contact with Giudice. 

Cohen tweeted his thoughts in the very executive producer way only he knows how: "All I can say is that this might be our best reunion yet- Mouth on the floor for much of it. Oh, and Teresa is STRONG." Giudice defended her explosive behavior in a Bravo blog post, claiming Staub had been hypocritical to want a "fresh start" for herself, while "digging around [Giudice's] extended family and trying to find dirt on [her] and defame them."

During the circus of it all, castmate Caroline Manzo appeared completely unfazed. Manzo later discussed Giudice on her sons' Dear Albie podcast. "Just ridiculous.... She has a narcissistic personality," she said. "She has no moral compass ... She has said things about me to people that are completely fabricated."

Kenya Moore's guide to taking out a famous Twitter troll

Andy Cohen set the stage for an epic celebrity feud by booking Michael Rapaport and Kenya Moore together on Watch What Happens Live. After Cohen explained Rapaport's relentless Twitter bashing of Moore's "krazy" RHOA antics, Moore responded, "Peasants can't summon queens." (Popcorn popping) A bemused Rapaport replied, "You wish you were me, Kenya," to which Moore fired, "A middle-aged, fat, white guy? Not really." Revived from his timeout, Rapaport later said, "I didn't want to say it on live TV, but Kenya's feet are ashy as f***!" The comment left Cohen hiding behind his hosting notes.

People's Party podcast host Talib Kweli later accused Rapaport of using a racially-charged insult. "That has nothing to do with race," Rapaport defended. "If you feel comfortable enough to say to me, 'You're fat old and white' on TV ... the only way to diffuse it is to make people laugh. I'm laughing at the fact that ... you've had a glam squad of three people ... tightening you into your dress and you still got ashy feet."

Moore furthered the playful rivalry when she tweeted, "Please let your next book be entitled 'The time Kenya Moore read TF out of me' – Be well!" Rapaport also admitted on The Wendy Williams Show that he's pleased for Moore's return to RHOA. "She's got a lot of things going on. ... As a Housewives fan, their pain is our pleasure."

Chelsea Handler hates the Housewives

It's no surprise that the queen of candor, Chelsea Handler, has garnered a few side-eye worthy moments during her time in the spotlight. Satiated with cynical undertones, Handler confessed why she didn't invite Bravo Housewives to her late-night show, Chelsea Lately. "I think it's sick," she told Housewives franchise creator Andy Cohen during a Watch What Happens Live appearance. "I think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing. That women shouldn't be making money off of the fact that they have fake boobs and a fake vagina and a fake whatever," Handler said while her facial expression remained impressively horizontal. A clearly annoyed Cohen tried to save face by pointing out that Handler has "had many Housewives on [her] show," however, Handler quickly pointed out that she only books Housewives when she has a guest host filling in for her. Ouch.

Perhaps Handler's general disdain towards Bravolebrities stems from her experience with former Beverly Hills Housewife and all-around loon, Brandi Glanville. On Watch What Happens Live, Glanville revealed, "I made out with [Chelsea's] lesbian friend and her assistant and her brother, so she hates me," Just another Tuesday afternoon for Glanville. "Chelsea, suck it!" Glanville laughed.

Naomi Campbell reminds everyone to stay in their lane

Naomi Campbell. Trailblazing supermodel. Fashion icon. Modern nightmare. At the 2018 Harper's Bazaar ICONS Party, Cardi B got escorted out after she threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj during an argument. Campbell gave her thoughts on WWHL. "It was called an icon party, but there were no icons there." She defended her shade, saying, "I don't wanna see women of color fight. I don't wanna see women fight, period." Although when Campbell was asked about Kendall Jenner's work ethic, given Jenner's comments in Love magazine regarding being "selective" about the jobs she takes, stating she could never do "30 shows a season," the runway vet answered, "Next question." Sheesh. It appears shade-slinging has no age limit. 

Former Destiny's Child singer, Kelly Rowland, stood behind Campbell's thoughts regarding the ICONS Party altercation, telling E!, "There's no time for us as women to fight, and they are just so talented and I just genuinely love them both so much, but it's just not the time. We have way bigger issues as women..."

As for Jenner, it was reported she felt bullied by Campbell's comment about her. A source speaking with Hollywood Life claimed that Kendall "has always looked up to Naomi, so having her be so unsupportive is disappointing and really hurts." The source added, "Kendall works hard at her job and feels like Naomi maybe doesn't really understand Kendall's work ethic. Kendall wishes she could spread love and not negative energy." 

That not so charming STD rumor (not really) explained

There are three types of people in this world: those who side with Madison LeCroy, those who side with Shep Rose, and those who have no idea who these people are.

During the Southern Charm Season 6 reunion, Andy Cohen asked Danni Baird her feelings about the chlamydia rumor. That would be the infamous episode in which LeCroy attempted to embarrass Rose by stating he gave Baird the STD. LeCroy further villainized herself by incriminating her then-boyfriend, Austen Kroll, as the informative source, who allegedly heard it from Rose himself, who dated Baird eight years prior. Got all that?  Fast-forward to the reunion, where a tearful Baird denied the rumor, saying it was "really hurtful and humiliating." Asked by Cohen about the rumor's origins, Kroll offered up a cagey response about a "misconstrued ... late night talk with Shep." Rose similarly dodged, repeating the "misconstrued" explanation and insisting, "The point is — it's not true." So... absolutely no resolution there. 

During the show, the Twitter fandom pretty unanimously agreed that Rose was in the wrong, whether he actually did give Baird an STD, started a rumor about it, or both. One clever critic, however, offered up a unique alternative perspective, tweeting, "Danni is humiliated by the false rumor that Shep gave her chlamydia when she should be humiliated by the fact that she slept with Shep." Zing! 

Lisa Rinna tried to throw Lisa Vanderpump under the bus

Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump are two of the most overzealous figures in the Bravosphere. Let's explore. 

During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion, Rinna claimed Vanderpump persuaded her to capitalize on Yolanda Hadid's Lyme disease, which some of Hadid's castmates incorrectly attributed to Munchausen syndrome, as an effective storyline for the show. "We're at my birthday," Rinna explained. "Harry went, 'You know what? We need to support this woman whether she's sick or not.' ... And you went, 'There goes our f***ing storyline.'" Executive producer Andy Cohen later denied that the comment was caught on tape, saying (via All About The Tea), "If we had, we would've shown it...are you kidding me?" Vanderpump also denied Rinna's accusations, telling ET, "It's kind of ridiculous, really ... They're 50-something-year-old women. How can they be manipulated? ... It's a poor excuse. Own your stuff."

Prior to the reunion, Hadid explained her thoughts on the whole Munchausen syndrome debacle on Bravo's blog. "I accepted Lisa R.'s apology. At least she owns her s***. LVP and Kyle could take a lesson from her in that department as both of them are the queens of brushing things under the carpet and holding grudges!" Hadid said she's hopeful the event encourages celebrities affected with Lyme disease to share their experiences as well. "Together we have the power to make a difference. That's my goal, that's where I'd like to keep my focus." 

Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes ditch the fair play rules

Fans can always count on blazing insults being thrown on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But during the first-ever Housewives zoom-union, Kenya Moore went in for the kill when she attacked NeNe Leakes' children. "We know they're her children because they look just like her," Moore said. Leakes responded stating that she and her children are beautiful. "You look like a white woman in drag," Moore fired back. SHE. DID. NOT. 

Generally, as a form of respect, the Housewives leave offspring out of their arguments, however, Moore's shots came after Leakes already crossed that line. "Kenya's marriage license has never ever been found by no one," she told Wendy Williams (via The U.S. Sun). Perpetually caffeinated chatterbox Leakes added, "They're not legally married, so there's nothing to divorce. I heard it was a handshake and an agreement that they get together and have a baby, and she paid for them."

Moore later insisted to Extra that she is "legally married" and has a "marriage certificate" and "witnesses." Moore, who, if you remember from a few sentences ago, already invoked Leakes' kids for an insult, added, "She's a vile person ... and kids are off-limits ... She's never going to change, she's just trash." The fight resulted in Leakes not only exiting the reunion, but the Housewives franchise entirely, as Leakes told Extra she won't be returning for another season.

Diva hour starring Mariah Carey and what's her name

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are two of the greatest musical legends of our time. Everyone knows it. Well, almost everyone. Carey, of course, kicked off the awkwardness with her infamous "I don't know her" comment, which has been meme'd into oblivion. Still, when asked during a 2018 Watch What Happens Live episode about times she and Lopez seemingly interacted, Carey kept the shade alive, saying, "Apparently, I'm forgetful."

Lopez fed the feud flames herself in 2015 when she was caught texting during Carey's Billboard Music Awards performance. Cohen, again with the WWHL hot seat, asked Lopez about the perceived snub. She called the criticism unfair, saying she only "looked down for one second," yet cleverly jabbed, "I watched a lot of it— it was a long performance!" Lopez again denied the feud on WWHL in 2018, admitting that while she's "read things that [Carey] said about [her] that were not the greatest," she would still  "love to be friends with her."

Carey finally said her piece on the matter — without naming Lopez — in her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. According to TooFab, Carey revealed some shady record label business back to the '90s that led to a sample from her then-unreleased song "Loverboy" to be lifted and used to create Lopez's hit song, "I'm Real." A tumultuous personal and professional period for Carey followed, however, she noted that "Loverboy" still managed to top sales of singles in 2001. Carey finished the revelatory chapter with, "I'm real."

Oh good, Denise Richards is still Denise-ing

For better or worse, airing one's dirty laundry on television is essentially the kicker of starring on a reality show. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Denise Richards' second go at reality TV, following her intro into the genre with 2008's It's Complicated. So we're supposed to believe that Richards is an all-of-a-sudden, bashful and naive pawn who didn't know any better? We rest our case.

On the RHOBH Season 10 zoom-union, Richards denied her rumored affair with Brandi Glanville. She even acknowledged sending "cease and desist" orders to Glanville to get her to "tell the truth" to her castmates. "Own it" police, Lisa Rinna, then accused Richards of sending cease and desist papers other cast members as well, to which Richards coyly replied (via Us Weekly), "Who told you that?" Glanville backed up the claim that she wasn't the only one in Richards' lawyers crosshairs, saying on WWHL that Melrose Place star Heather Locklear contacted her to lend support, but said she couldn't do so publicly, as Richards had sent her cease and desist papers, too. 

Richards left the series in the wake of the Glanville affair scandal, but Andy Cohen chalked her departure up to failed contact talks. He did, however, address her reticence to publicly clear the air, telling Reality Check, "She has a family and kids, so ... whatever happened or didn't happen, I would imagine that it's something that she didn't really care to discuss on a television show."

Kim DePaola played it cool with Teresa Giudice

During The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 reunion show, it seemed like Teresa Giudice thought she knocked it out of the park when she came for Kim DePaola. But perhaps Giudice has met her match. Asserting that DePaola runs a "prostitution company" — as if there is such a thing — Giudice clearly though she had dropped a reality TV A-bomb. DePaola, however, cooly denied the claim while confessing, "I'd have no problem being a madam." Suspicious defense angle, but okay. Andy Cohen admitted he'd support the idea, while Giudice sister-in-law Melissa Gorga sneered and importantly added, "Ugh!" 

DePaola found her rage later, telling R Online, "Melissa was a stripper. Teresa went to jail. They scam everyone. I'm a clean businesswoman. I speak the truth." DePaola confirmed she was suing Giudice for slander. "I called my attorney. This is 1000 percent defamation of character ... She's going down!"

Peacemaker Siggy Flicker, noticeably distressed over the whole ordeal, expressed her hopes the women can resolve their differences."I'm praying that we can find peace in all of this," the Housewife said (via People), adding, "When you're not getting along with someone, it's hurtful. Instead of this yelling, let's just try to explain." Precious. Will someone please inform Flicker she's on a reality show fueled on estrogen and emotional pitfalls? Many thanks.