Video Emerges Of The Trumps Partying Before Capitol Riots

Donald Trump Jr. shared a video on social media seen by millions, showing the Trump family and their friends just before the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots. The video shared by the president's son shows Donald Trump, his children, and members of the White House staff at what appears to be a "watch party" (via VozWire).

The video shows Trump Jr. and his family, as well as girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, celebrating before President Trump's fiery speech to supporters, urging them to go to the Capitol. The president's son and his girlfriend were having fun as they watched the TV monitors with Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

In Trump Jr.'s video, the Daily Mail reported, the president's son talked about the crowd assembling at the Capitol in glowing terms, saying they were "awesome patriots that are sick of the bulls**t." The video shows Guilfoyle dancing to Laura Branigan's "Gloria" and later Guilfoyle urges viewers: "Have the courage to do the right thing, fight."

The video also showed Meadows grinning and giving Trump Jr. a thumbs up. Keep reading to learn more about the Trump family video!

Twitter is outraged over the video of the Trump family

There was a strong negative reaction to Donald Trump Jr.'s video. Newsweek reported that some shared the video from the president's son, claiming that it showed the Trump family celebrating during the Capitol riots. Many White House staffers resigned following the riots but it appears that the video took place before the riots began. 

Billboard reports that Kathy Golik, who manages Laura Branigan's legacy and work after the singer passed away in 2004, was angry about "Gloria" being featured on the video.

Golik tweeted, "It's absolutely appalling to hear 'Gloria' being played in the background of a widely-circulating video of Pres. Trump from yesterday, given the tragic, unsettling, & shameful happenings that occurred at the US Capitol." 

Activist and author Amy Siskind had questions about Trump Jr.'s video. She wrote, "Trump, Donald Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle and others watching the crowd getting fired up hours before they stormed the Capitol, and dancing in enjoyment while the song Gloria is playing. Seems premeditated, no?" 

Some people in Congress believe the Capitol rioters had help on the inside

As more facts come out about the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill, it appears the attack was far worse than imagined. According to CNN: "It was even more violent. It was even more treacherous. And Trump's behavior was even more disturbing."

Politico reported that some in Congress believe the rioters may have been helped by those on the inside. On Jan 8, 2021, former President Barack Obama shared a fivethirtyeight article about the Capitol police's behavior during the riots; Obama tweeted: "For those who are wondering why so much attention has been focused on the response of the Capitol Police to the Trump-inspired riots, here's a data-driven article that provides some useful frame of reference."

In a GQ interview about the riots, security expert Arieh Kovler weighed in on the idea that the attackers may have received help. Kovler told GQ: "They had a map of the tunnels [in the basement of the Capitol], and they were talking about how they're going to be able to stop Congress from leaving. They imagined that this was the day there were going to be mass executions of Congressmen."