The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of The 100

The 100 endured nuclear radiation, psychosis-inducing bugs, evil AIs, and numerous world wars, but The CW series was no match for 2020. After seven seasons — and an inordinate number of apocalypses — the beloved sci-fi drama came to an end. For fans, it was the cherry on top of a terrible year, but to put it in perspective, it's not like we were running from Praimfaya, right?

As far as young adult dramas go, The 100 was a rare gem with an astounding 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, largely because it offered a unique level of character development. Over the course of six years, we watched villains become heroes and friends become enemies. It tested the bounds of loyalty and morality, but behind the scenes, things didn't appear to be nearly as tumultuous. The cast seem to actually get along in real life, and as far as we can tell, no one's tried to exile anyone. In fact, a large chunk of The 100 cast are actually in relationships with each other. 

After enduring one of the most arguably complicated storylines in CW history, you can't blame anyone for wanting a shoulder to lean on (or a Netflix buddy to help them understand what the heck is going on). These are the real-life partners of the cast of The 100.

The 100's Bellarke is an IRL love story right out of a movie

Bellarke, as they've been affectionately named by fans, are one of the most 'shipped non-couples of The 100. Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin's relationship was ever evolving — from their beginnings as enemies, to that time they finally kissed in Season 2, to Bellamy's tragic demise. Though Clarke made the difficult choice to take her best friend's life during The 100's swan song season, the actor who played the character decided to marry him in real life.

Eliza Taylor and fellow Aussie Bob Morley are extraordinarily private about their relationship. Taylor has only revealed tidbits, but their beginnings date back to well before the show. On Instagram, the actor cited a 2007 elevator ride as one of their early moments, but it wasn't until a February 2019 trip to Paris that she started to realize her "best mate" might actually be her soulmate. "I had just come out of a relationship and so had he," Taylor wrote. "... We bonded over the hurt of breaking up, as friends do, and talked about the daunting prospect of being single again. We laughed and cried. It felt like the relationship between us could be evolving but it was too soon for both of us."

Morley asked her out the following month, and the pair tied the knot later that year. When Taylor announced the news via Twitter that June, fans didn't even realize they had been dating.

Marie Avgeropoulos' quiet relationship with a cameraman made headlines

After playing Octavia Blake, Marie Avgeropoulos can pretty much handle anything — anything except her new medication. In 2018, the notoriously private star's relationship made headlines when she faced charges for misdemeanor domestic violence after suffering from a "medical emergency" while driving with her boyfriend, Quincy Paglaro, a camera operator on The 100. So, what went down?

According to the Daily News, the actor had an "adverse reaction to a new medication" after drinking a glass of wine with dinner. In the car, she started "flailing" and "accidentally scratched" her boyfriend, who "called for help because he didn't know what to do." After noticing said scratch, police cuffed her, but Paglaro followed her to the station and "bailed her out." According to TMZ, Avgeropoulos wasn't charged, because "prosecutors realized there was no domestic violence." Her relationship, however, didn't manage to live much longer than the embarrassing headline. 

Though the star is ultra-private about her love life, the exact date or reason for the breakup remains unknown. By the looks of her Instagram account, she's seemingly moved on with stunt actor Alain Moussi. They haven't announced their relationship officially, but the pair did appear together in 2020's Jiu Jitsu. There's no meet-cute like a Nicolas Cage movie!

The 100 star Lindsey Morgan found someone to space walk with forever

For Lindsey Morgan, who played whip-smart Raven Reyes, 2020 was a year of endings and beginnings. Though the star finished her run with The 100, she found herself a brand new fiancé. Indeed, Morgan closed out the year with a so-called "twist ending" — just like every single one of her show's season finales.

In a Dec. 29th Instagram post, Morgan revealed that her boyfriend, Shaun Sipos, popped the question over the holidays. "2020 coming in with that twist ending," she wrote. "Thank you my love, [Shaun Sipos] for making me the happiest I've ever been, every d**n day since I met you ... and now for the rest of my life."

It's unclear exactly how the pair met, but there is that CW connection. Sipos is also an actor who's appeared in eight episodes of network's popular drama, The Vampire Diaries. If you haven't heard of him, it's because he's best known as a scream queen (assuming that term can come without the gender implications). He's been in iconic horror movie sequels like Texas Chainsaw, Final Destination 2, and The Grudge 2. Meanwhile, Morgan is cementing herself in CW stardom with Walker, the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot that's set to premiere in 2021.

Move over Bellarke, The 100's Montari is a thing

Bellarke isn't the only couple that's transcended the Ark. Murphy and Ontari, sometimes known as Montari within fan circles, are totally an item. To think, Ontari once contemplated murdering Murphy after he cheated. On-screen, this couple ended tragically after Ontari wound up brain dead (fans know, the people in The 100 love implanting microchips into their brains, which unexpectedly has some nasty consequences). In real life, Richard Harmon and Rhiannon Fish are still going strong.

Fish joined the cast of The 100 in 2016 for seven juicy episodes before her character was killed off. According to Express, that's where she met Harmon — and it's hardly the first time two on-screen lovers fell for each other in real life. Per the Daily Mail, the pair debuted their relationship at the Festival of Television in Monte Carlo in 2019. Not long after, they became Instagram official following "months of dating rumors." Today, Harmon is a regular presence on Fish's account, even though she only described him as an "above average man." There are much worse things to be (and Murphy's been plenty of them).

Paige Turco floated her 14-year marriage during The 100's run

Paige Turco, who played Clarke's mother Abigail Griffin on The 100, has been in Hollywood for a long time — and so has her marriage. The star, whose top credits include '90s hits like NYPD Blue, Party of Five, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, tied the knot with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actor Jason O'Mara in 2003. According to People, the pair met on the set of The Agency in 2002 and still seemed absolutely smitten a decade in. In 2012, O'Mara told SheKnows, "I go for strong and assertive [women]. As my wife would attest, she knows what she likes, and I like a woman who knows what she wants."

Unfortunately, this relationship has been — in the words of Skaikru — floated. In 2020 lingo, that means it's dead. TMZ reports that Turco filed for divorce in 2017, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple planned to share custody of their teenage son, and The 100 star was allegedly seeking spousal support. Let's be real: O'Mara is getting that Amazon and Netflix money now, and Turco's mostly relying on a CW project that just ended. They both reportedly have a $5 million net worth, so it's probably a little messy splitting up the assets. At the time of this writing, it's not clear how — and if — the divorce has been resolved.

Did The 100's Echo find love on the Ark?

Echo is undeniably one of The 100's toughest warriors. Not only did she aide in the collapse of Mount Weather and adopt her name after slaughtering her childhood best friend, but she also had to endure the death of her boyfriend, Bellamy. In real life, Tasya Teles seems a whole lot less stressed out. The actor appeared to be all smiles after allegedly tying the knot with her co-star, Sachin Sahel, who played Ark medical officer Eric Jackson. Did they really, though?

It's not clear exactly when the pair started dating or exchanged vows, but in 2017, they were caught flirting on Twitter. Teles called Sahel "baby" and admitted that she thought he was "sexy AF." He replied to fans revealing that Teles was his "wife," and that the pair "already got married in Paris." The actor also uploaded a photo of himself with Teles to Instagram in January 2018, with the caption, "Happy wife, happy life."

As of this writing, these stars are so secretive that it's hard to tell if they're still together or if the whole thing was a sham. Teles' Instagram account has numerous photos of her co-stars, but mentions of Sahel are strangely absent. Fans on Reddit have even suspected the whole marriage thing was a "joke," but it's hard not to ship another couple from The 100. There was so much destruction on the show — just let us have this.

The 100 star Henry Ian Cusick has been married for more than a decade

Henry Ian Cusick, who played Marcus Kane on The 100, has been married to his wife, Annie Cusick Wood, for more than a decade, and the pair share three children. Annie is such a driving force in his life, that she's actually the one who inadvertently pushed him back into on-screen work. If the pair weren't both stuck in the supposedly meager-paying world of theatre, the Primetime Emmy-nominated actor would've never appeared in Lost, let alone made it all the way to The 100.

Annie is a tried and true woman of the theatre. According to the Honolulu Theatre for Youth, she's written and directed children's productions for 30 years. Though she moved to Hawaii in 2006, it was back in the UK, where Annie was running Polka Theatre for Children, that Henry decided he wanted to get away from the stage.

"It was only when I had three kids, living in the south of England, [that] I realized if I carried on doing theatre I'm just never gonna have any money," he told Paste magazine in an interview. "My wife was running a theatre company in London at the time ... and I just said, 'I have to stop doing theatre to make money.' It got me back into TV and film, which is what I really wanted to do." Henry never looked back, and Annie is still doing her thing, serving as guest director for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth.

Christopher Larkin and his girlfriend moved to Hollywood to make it

Monty Green's ending, which happened prior to Season 6, was one of the most peaceful deaths of The 100. You could even say it was a happy ending, at least compared to having your blood drained in Mount Weather or dying of radiation poisoning. The character died of old age along with his lover, Harper McIntyre, after the pair escaped Earth. It was surprisingly sweet, and they were two of the only characters who were afforded a peaceful, quiet life.

In real life, Christopher Larkin seems to have the same sort of stable companionship. He enjoys spending his time in front of the camera, while his longtime girlfriend, Carla Ching, prefers to remain behind it. She's a playwright and screenwriter who's worked as a producer on series like Preacher, Home Before Dark, and Sean Penn's short-lived Hulu drama, The First.

In an interview with The Korea Times, Larkin revealed that he moved to Los Angeles with Ching in 2012 to pursue their shared showbiz dreams. Judging by her Instagram account, they're still together after almost a decade in Hollywood, which is a feat even more impressive than all of their career success combined.

The 100 alum Isaiah Washington's marriage isn't phased by controversy

Isaiah Washington, who played Theolonious Jaha (a.k.a the dude that almost destroyed the world again with his weird AI death cult) on The 100, and his wife, Jenisa Marie Garland, are like two peas in a pod — at least when it comes to hot tempers. As Grey's Anatomy fans might remember, Washington was booted from the series after using a homophobic slur on-set and issuing a public apology, though he's since claimed that wasn't exactly the truth.

Garland appears to have similar outbursts, at least when the tabloids are watching. According to Star Magazine (via R Online), she reportedly "threw a drink" at a makeup artist before slapping him "across the face" back in 2012. To be fair, it may have been a stressful time for the couple. Just three years prior, the pair faced eviction. According to Today, Washington's landlord claimed they owed $100,000 in rent (roughly five months of missed payments), and R Online alleged that they were forced to move out.

Even in tough times, Washington and Garland's relationship has a purveying sense of unity and love that's endured nearly 25 years. In 2018, Washington shared a sweet message to celebrate their 22nd anniversary. "I'm NOTHING without this woman," he tweeted, along with the hashtags, "#BlackLove, #QueenStatus, #Longevity, #Family, #Commitment." It's been a commitment, indeed.

Adina Porter lost her husband the same year her career reached new heights

Adina Porter proves that moms can have it all — but sometimes, that's because they have to. The star has managed to foster a massive career, perhaps one of the most prolific of anyone on The 100, even though she's been raising her two children on her own. Porter is a widow, who lost her second husband, Larry Madison, in 2013.

At the time of his death, the Ontario-native owned a dog training business, and Porter was at the height of her success with HBO's True Blood. She was used to consistent one-off roles since her 1992 debut, but being a series regular had the potential to catapult her into something much greater. She couldn't afford to skip a beat as she was grieving, and held down her spot on both True Blood, which was nominated for two Emmy Awards the year after Madison's death, and the critically-acclaimed drama, The Newsroom. 

Since then, the actor nabbed a role on Ray Donovan, became a regular face in the American Horror Story universe, and saw out The 100 until its final season, but it wasn't easy doing it alone. In an interview with Direct Submit, Porter revealed that she had to hire an au pair to watch her kids while she was at work, but she didn't know what would happen as she navigated single motherhood. "Being a mom is a very busy existence," she said.

Is The 100's Luisa D'Oliveira in a low-key relationship?

Though Luisa D'Oliveira, who played Emori on The 100, hasn't explicitly owned up to having a boyfriend, it's safe to assume that she is — or was — dating musician Jez Bonham. The pair are pretty low-key, and their relationship can be traced back to dual Valentine's Day Instagram posts in 2020. Instagram official is official, right?

Though D'Oliveira, who's appeared in series like Channel Zero and Motive, has found a lot of success with The 100, Bonham seems to be at the start of his music career — but D'Oliveira has been championing him all along the way. She's pumped his music on Twitter to her more than 64,000 followers. She also supported him at his EP release party, blasting out his performance to more than 412,000 of her followers on Instagram in 2019.

Unfortunately, D'Oliveira's push didn't help much with retaining actual listeners. In 2020, Bonham posted his project's Spotify Wrapped, boasting a meager 1,100 streams and 63 listeners. He claimed they had "zero marketing push," which probably explains it to an extent. Hey, music is hard, and it takes a lot of years to build something. Keep at the grind, dude.