90 Day Fiance: Why Brandon Blames Julia For His Rift With His Parents

Another new year, another new batch of couples on 90 Day Fiancé. For the unfamiliar, 90 Day Fiancé is the TLC masterpiece about couples who have to decide whether or not to get married before one of their 90-day visas runs out. All the scandals and cringeworthy moments that fill the show have inspired numerous spinoffs and fostered an ever devoted fan base.

This time around, fans were introduced to Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubinka, who, in true 90 Day fashion, could not seem more mismatched. Julia, who is from Russia, comes off as very pretty, put together, and dare we say, a bit high maintenance. On the other hand, Brandon was raised in Virginia. They met through Brandon's friend, who saw Julia dancing at a club and introduced them over video chat, per CheatSheet.

Soon enough, Julia was stateside (camera crew in tow), trying to make a go of it on Brandon's farm. Julia, who has never been much of an outdoor girl, was less than thrilled to live on a farm, let alone do farm work. To make things more complicated, the young couple lived with Brandon's parents, which, if 90 Day Fiancé has taught us anything, is never a good move. 

In a twist that absolutely everyone saw coming, tension soon irrupted between the couples, with Brandon's parent's resenting Julia and Brandon blaming his girlfriend for the rift. What's the real story? Read on to find out.

Brandon thinks Julia came between him and his family

On a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé, tensions between Brandon Gibbs and his girlfriend, Julia Trubinka, finally boiled over. Brandon's parents asked the couple to join them for a little chit-chat about Brandon's work ethic. "There's some things on the farm that we're quite honestly not real happy with," said Brandon's dad, who then scolded Brandon for sleeping in. When he told Julia that they would love to see her up and working earlier, she bluntly replied, "I hate morning, I always have." Honestly, relatable.

As Brandon's parents, Betty and Ron, saw it, Brandon had been blowing off his chores and ignoring important farm work ever since Julia arrived. "I've got to get you guys on board with helping us. You're not taking things seriously," Ron said angrily. "I try," Brandon responded through gritted teeth.

Brandon then blamed the whole thing on Julia, claiming that she begs him to stay with her in the mornings, ultimately preventing him from doing his work, per TV Insider. That does not seem entirely fair, considering that Julia never wanted to live on a farm at all (but whatever). 

Brandon later told the camera crews that he was not entirely surprised by the tension building on the farm. "I was always worried that adding Julia to the farm would ruin the dynamic of this family," he said, according to TV Insider, "and it kind of has."