Princess Diana Once Shared Who She Thought The Sexiest Man Alive Was

Anyone who has watched Netflix's The Crown has learned that Princess Diana and Prince Charles' relationship was certainly strained. From Charles' affair with longtime love Camille Parker Bowles to butting heads with Queen Elizabeth II, it's easy to imagine that Princess Diana was trying to find happiness elsewhere — maybe even in America. 

During her visits stateside, Diana danced with Grease star John Travolta at the White House, fell in love with New York City, and even encountered entrepreneur Warren Buffett at a party. Many who remember the late royal have spoken highly of her grace, "down to earth" mindset, and effortless glamour. Buffett even went so far as to reveal who Diana had an innocent crush on. Keep scrolling to find out who the iconic Lady Di called "the sexiest man alive" back in the '90s despite the fact that he's never nabbed the title from People magazineHer pick may surprise you ... or not! 

Princess Diana found former President Bill Clinton sexy

It seems like Princess Diana may have had a type! The British beauty confided in Warren Buffett in 1996, shortly before her death, telling the billionaire that she found President Bill Clinton to be "the sexiest man alive," per a 2012 interview Buffett did with CNBC. Buffett encountered the Princess at "a party at [Washington Post publisher] Kay Graham's house." According to Buffett, Diana "had been to the White House that day and she had said that Bill Clinton was the sexiest man alive."

"I didn't ask her who the least sexy guy in the world alive was. I was afraid I might get my play in there," Buffett quipped. After Princess Diana's untimely death in 1997, the former president issued a statement in her honor. "Hillary and I knew Princess Diana, and we were very fond of her," the official release said (via People). "We are profoundly saddened by this tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers tonight are with her family, friends, and especially her children."