Donald Trump Jr. Has Something To Say About Bruce Springsteen's Arrest

Donald Trump Jr. recently made waves on Twitter after expressing displeasure with commercials in the Super Bowl LV game. In the now-viral tweet, Don Jr. condemned the Super Bowl ads for leading the charge on a movement he referred to as "woketopia." 

As reported by Daily Mail, mere minutes into the 2021 Super Bowl, Donald Trump's son fired off a tweet that read, "One comercial [sic] in and it's already woketopia," complete with the eye-roll emoji. Well, alrighty then. Tell us how you really feel, Jr. Many of his devoted followers were quick to support his criticism. One Twitter user echoed his sentiments, writing, "I would love to watch a sporting event without politics or wokeness being involved."

Trump Jr. didn't specify which ad, in particular, he was referring to, but subsequent social media shade may have uncovered the mystery for us. Keep reading to follow the breadcrumbs Don Jr. dropped in one of his latest tweets.

Donald Trump Jr. joked about the car Bruce Springsteen drove during his DWI

As reported by TMZ in February 2021, famous singer, songwriter, and musician Bruce Springsteen was arrested on DWI charges in November 2020 in his native New Jersey. Ruh-roh. To make matters worse, this DWI news broke after Springsteen drummed up positive press for his appearance in a 2021 Super Bowl commercial. The Boss appeared in a Jeep ad that offered up sentiments of hope and patriotism — the same type of Super Bowl ad that Donald Trump Jr. appeared to be criticizing on Twitter for being "too woke." 

Upon hearing of Springsteen's recent DWI arrest, Don Jr. quickly began warming up his keyboard fingers. "Wow. Glad [Springsteen's] doing phony preachy car commercials during the #SuperBowl," he tweeted to his many dedicated followers, but he didn't stop there. He fired off yet another tweet that read, "Was he in a Jeep? #SuperBowl," along with a link to the aforementioned TMZ article. 

People are not loving Don Jr. roasting The Boss

How has the internet reacted to Donald Trump Jr.'s trolling of Bruce Springsteen on Twitter? Even though The Boss has perhaps been in better graces with the public, some people are still feeling like Trump Jr. could have a "Hungry Heart," especially given current politics, and how Jr. has gotten into a similar kerfuffle himself. 

"Glass houses knuckle head!!," one Twitter user wrote, attaching an image of a ticket issued to Donald Trump Jr. in 2001 for public intoxication. "You should probably be watching the impeachment trial. They just mentioned you. [Your] whole family should be more than a little nervous right now," wrote another. "Dude. You really wanna go there? While you're tweeting about someone's dui, I'm watching never before seen footage of your daddy's foot soldiers trying to assassinate our former VP," tweeted another critic. "At least [Bruce Springsteen] built a career, opposed to being the product of nepotism," penned another. Yup, people were generally not in the mood to hear from Don Jr., especially in the midst of his father's second impeachment trial.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Springsteen was apparently "cooperative" during his arrest. The singer is scheduled to appear in court in February 2021. It's not a great look for the rocker, but clearly, plenty of folks think Donald Trump Jr. should still quiet down.

People didn't love Bruce Springsteen's Jeep commercial either

While Donald Trump Jr. should perhaps cool it with the Bruce Springsteen material, lots of people weren't thrilled with the classic rock singer's Jeep commercial to begin with. The Boss, who performed at President Joe Biden's inauguration concert, rarely appears in commercials or makes splashy on-screen appearances. Judging by the reception his Super Bowl ad received, maybe it's better that way. 

The New York Post described the two-minute TV commercial, entitled "The Middle," as "tone-deaf." In the Super Bowl ad, Springsteen reportedly drives a 1980 Jeep CJ-5 to a Chapel in Kansas. The location, he says, means he's "standing on the exact center of the lower 48." The ad's message didn't sit well with many. It may not have been "woketopia," as Trump Jr. kindly noted, but it wasn't great. "The more I think about the Bruce Springsteen Jeep ad, the more disgusted I get," one Twitter user wrote. "It's allegedly a call for unity, but it is drenched in a very particular culture's iconography: a Christian church (that superimposes the cross on the US flag), farms, rural living ... the kind of 'unity' designed to comfort." According to CNN, that ad is now being pulled, and not because of its reception, but because of its leading man's arrest. 

Well, Bruce Springsteen and Donald Trump Jr. have arguably both seen better days. Maybe they can just meet in the middle?