The Biggest Problems 90 Day Fiance Fans Have With Brandon

Every season of 90 Day Fiancé introduces fans to an eccentric array of memorable couples. But for Season 8 fans, it seems that one engaged duo in particular is too annoying to bear. 

Audiences took to social media to voice their disdain for Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina, who have battled Brandon's overbearing parents, life on a working farm, and pregnancy scares. Yet Brandon is still the butt of Redditors' fury.

His appearance on spinoff 90 Day Bares All showcased an NSFW clip of him getting intimate with Julia in the front seat of their car. Brandon also fails to stick up to his parents for Julia's wishes, and even seemed disinterested in planning his upcoming nuptials – despite Julia's frustrated tears while touring wedding venues. So what is it exactly that viewers can't stand about Brandon? Keep scrolling to find out why fans are irritated by the Virginia-born 90 Day star! 

Fans think Brandon Gibbs is immature

Brandon Gibbs has his fair share of supporters, but his critics are calling for fiancée Julia Trubkina to run away. In a Reddit thread titled "Brandon is a Piece of Sh*t," 90 Day Fiancé viewers expressed their shared frustration over the pest control inspector. "Brandon has the maturity level of a high school boy. His relationship and interactions with his parents are not healthy," a fan wrote, citing Brandon's refusal to use condoms as birth control and then telling his parents about it. 

"I love Julia, I hope she leaves Brandon, she deserves better," another commented. 

"[Brandon] throws Julia under the bus," a user agreed. "It will be a loooonngggg time before that boy becomes a man." 

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Brandon and Julia in Los Angeles presumably to film the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All reunion episode, per Screen Rant, so Julia must have in fact said "I do." Hopefully, Brandon will be able to explain his behavior!