The Bachelorette: The Real Reason Why Clare Crawley Is Wearing Her Engagement Ring Again

Clare Crawley had one of the shortest seasons as The Bachelorette after finding her forever love with contestant Dale Moss. He proposed and the duo rode off into the sunset together ... or so, that's how Bachelor Nation hoped it would go. While Dale and Clare seemingly cared for one another, fans were convinced that ABC producers forced the engagement to have Clare exit the series so fan favorite Tayshia Adams could replace her. 

Clare's short-lived season was rife was awkward moments and digs at her age, so audiences were glad she and Dale hit it off. Yet only a few months after Dale popped the question, he announced their split on Instagram in a since-deleted post where he noted that it was "the healthiest decision for both of [them] at this time." Clare took to social media in January 2021 to clarify that Dale's words were not part of a "'mutual' statement" and that she was heartbroken. "Our relationship was not perfect but I can say that I was genuinely invested with all my heart," Clare wrote

However, just one month post-breakup, Clare and Dale were spotted out and about together, sparking reconciliation rumors. In March 2021, rumors started swirling that their relationship is very much so back on. Keep scrolling to find out why Clare is wearing her engagement ring again! 

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are 'working on things'

Despite the cheating allegations against Dale Moss, Clare Crawley seems to have fallen head over heels for the model once again. However, apparently they're not rushing into anything this time around. Per Peoplethe two "are not officially back together," but are "working on things that went wrong in the past," according to a source. "Dale and Clare love and care for one another deeply, they always have and will," the source continued. "They are giving their relationship the opportunity it deserves and working on things that went wrong in the past." 

Apparently, Dale had some hesitations about moving forward so quickly with Clare following their two-week stint on The Bachelorette. "Dale wasn't ready for marriage and kids. He did have feelings for Clare but he wasn't on the same page as her," the source added. 

The duo are reportedly taking it slow, but eagle-eyed fans noticed that Clare is back wearing her engagement ring. Viewers are still skeptical, though. "I can't believe she'd go back to him when he blindsided her with a SIGNED break up post," one Redditor commented. "I was rooting for her but at this point I'm over this mess," another fan wrote

The rollercoaster of Clare and Dale's relationship seems destined to continue!