Prince William Was Most Offended By These Comments From Prince Harry

Prince William has remained relatively quiet when it comes to his brother Prince Harry's decision to step down as a senior member of the royal family. William has also stayed tight-lipped in regards to his brother's televised, tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Harry told Winfrey quite a few things about the royal family — and specifically about William — but the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana has chosen to deal with matters privately. That is, of course, what the official statement from Buckingham Palace revealed after all: the issues raised "will be addressed by the family privately," (via the Associated Press). 

Although, as of this writing, William hasn't spoken out much about the interview, save for telling reporters that his family is "very much" not racist, a new report in The Times suggests that there is something that Harry said — one thing in particular — that really upset William. A source close to William and Harry spoke with the outlet and said that William felt that these specific comments that Harry made were "way off the mark." 

Keep on reading to find out what it is that has reportedly been most bothersome to the future king of England.

Prince William reportedly doesn't feel 'trapped' within the royal family

Prince Harry made an interesting claim about his brother, Prince William, and their dad, Prince Charles, during his interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired in March 2021. "I am part of the system with them, I always have been, but I guess — and I'm very aware of this — my brother can't leave that system, but I have."

He added, "My father and my brother are trapped. They don't get to leave, and I have huge compassion for that," Harry told Oprah (via People). It was this statement that reportedly offended William the most. William "has a path set for him and he's completely accepting of his role. He is very much his grandmother's grandson in that respect of duty and service," a source told The Times. As of this writing, William is second in line to the British thrown, according to the official website of the royal family. 

It has been reported by Gayle King on CBS This Morning that William and Harry have talked post-interview, but the conversation they had was said to be "unproductive" (via CNN).