90 Day Fiance Fans Are Shocked At Yara's Throwback Photo

90 Day Fiancé fans are familiar with long-distance couples changing their minds about marriage, but changing their faces? Not so much. 

90 Day star Larissa Dos Santos Lima made headlines for her $70,000 plastic surgery price tag that included a nose job, breast implants, and liposuction. Larissa even claimed the TLC cameras played up her new look for a dramatic storyline, per CinemaBlendNow it seems another 90 Day cast member may have gone under the knife before joining the hit franchise. 

Ukrainian beauty Yara Zaya grapples with taming New Orleans-based fiance Jovi Dufren on Season 8. After suffering a pregnancy loss, newlyweds Yara and Jovi reportedly welcomed a baby girl in September 2020, per Screen RantBut fans are now pointing to Yara's ever-changing look as reason to believe she's gone under the knife in the past. Keep scrolling to find out why fans are shocked by Yara's throwback photos! 

Yara Zara denies plastic surgery rumors

Yara Zaya debuted new purple locks in February 2021, but it's not just her hair that has people talking. Redditors have dug up an array of old photos of Yara, ranging from her earliest social media selfies in 2013 to her 90 Day Fiancé clipsDubbing Yara a "shapeshifter," audiences claim the images prove Yara might have undergone a nose job, lip injections, chin and breast implants, eyelid lift, and other plastic surgery procedures.

"I have yet to see any two pictures where she looks like Yara," a Redditor wrote. 

"Whatever surgery she did, she looks really good now," another fan commented. 

Yara responded to plastic surgery allegations by sharing her own photo from 2012 on Instagram Stories. "How tired I am of these people who constantly condemn my appearance. I did not choose which one I would be born and this does not make me a good or bad person," Yara captioned her post. "These Ukranian shows [that] specifically made me [look] disfigured with makeup...need to be condemned."

According to Redditors, Yara previously bragged about her plastic surgery on a Ukrainian reality series that was centered around "looking for a rich foreign man to date," as reported by Screen RantHowever, she now denies getting any work done aside from lip fillers.

And that's not the only allegedly fake thing about Yara. Fans allege that roughly 80% of Yara's 125k Instagram followers are bots, undermining her growing influencer status, per Screen RantWhile money can't buy happiness, it can certainly buy a new look and career!