Jill Biden's Choice Of Clothing Is Raising Eyebrows. Here's Why

Dr. Jill Biden wasted no time in demonstrating her strength and confidence as first lady after her husband's inauguration. She generated a reputation as one of President Joe Biden's biggest cheerleaders and she quickly became heavily involved in promoting his administration's agenda. After a flight back to the White House on April 1, 2021, however, she did cause a bit of a stir (via New York Post).

As a refresher, Jill quickly generated some critical headlines after Joe's January 2021 presidential inauguration. For starters, she stood up for herself when some people insulted her doctorate and preference for using "Dr." in her name. In addition, she was blasted for a mispronunciation in a speech.

However, Jill generated some fun headlines as first lady as well. She successfully pranked everybody on Air Force One for April Fool's Day with a humorous stunt. The first lady disguised herself as a flight attendant that included a black wig. As "Jasmine," she passed out treats to everybody and nobody picked up on the disguise. Shortly after that, she revealed that she had been "Jasmine" and everybody, including the first lady, got a good chuckle out of it.

Unfortunately, the fun of the April Fool's Day prank didn't last for very long.

Jill Biden's hosiery pick generated a stir

As the New York Post detailed, Dr. Jill Biden's choice of ensemble during a recent flight caused a stir in some circles. Jill walked down the stairs from the plane after landing at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, and one component of her attire raised eyebrows. The first lady dressed all in black, and the outfit included textured floral stockings that were sheer in some areas. While the heeled booties, semi-pleated leather skirt, blazer, and face mask all mostly passed muster, the fishnet stockings sparked something of an outrage across social media.

"Madonna called and wants her trashy look back, Doc," tweeted conservative radio show host Wayne Dupree. "Good Lord, she looks like Madonna's grandmother," Dupree noted in another tweet. "Jill is WAY too old to be wearing a skirt that short and those stockings, in public," criticized someone else on Twitter.

The first lady's ensemble and the conservative criticism over it prompted plenty of references to former first lady Melania Trump, essentially pitting the style and backgrounds of the two women against one another. In addition, plenty of Jill's supporters took to social media to praise her style. Ultimately, it appeared that the love for this look outnumbered the critical responses.

"Dr. Jill was rocking that outfit! And the ankle boots with the stockings? Freaking fantastic," tweeted one of the first lady's supporters in response to the uproar.