What Is Justin Long Doing Today?

Actor Justin Long made his film debut in 1999's "Galaxy Quest." Yet, while the star popped up everywhere between 2000 to 2009, Long seemingly has not been in the spotlight quite as much throughout the subsequent decade. Back then, he was a series regular on "Ed" and appeared in many films, including "Jeepers Creepers," "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story," "Idiocracy," "Live Free and Die Hard," "He's Just Not That Into You," "Crossroads," and "Pineapple Express," according to IMDb. These days, he hosts a podcast called "Life is Short with Justin Long."

In 2021, Long resurfaced in a series of television ads. Remember when he was the face of Mac for Apple? He filmed 66 commercials for the "I'm a Mac" campaign alongside comedian John Hodgman between 2006 and 2009, AdWeek reports. Now, Long is repping Intel and talking about how PCs are superior to Macs. In the ads, Long learns about all the ways in which PCs are better than Macs in an update to the character he played in the Apple ads more than a decade ago.

Long has also had a series of high-profile relationships. Remember when he dated Drew Barrymore? They met on the set of "He's Just Not That Into You" and dated for about two years before Barrymore ended the relationship. He also dated Amanda Seyfried from about mid-2013 to 2015, as Vogue reported. And from 2015 to 2017, he dated Lauren Mayberry, lead singer of CHVRCHES, per Showbiz CheatSheet. From the personal to the professional, here's what else Justin Long's been up to these days.

Here's why Justin Long's name was trending again

In April 2021, Justin Long was trending thanks to his 2006 film "Accepted." Even though the movie was already 15 years old and had been available on Netflix since 2015, it appears fans were suddenly taking notice of Long's portrayal of Bartleby Gaines in the collegiate comedy. However, it was not just Long's comedic turn as Gaines that garnered renewed interest in this film. "Accepted" features a who's who of stars back before they got their big breaks, including Jonah Hill, Blake Lively (who plays Long's love interest), comedian Lewis Black, and "Gotham" Penguin Robin Lord Taylor.

The premise of the film is simple: Long's character, Bartleby Gaines, did not get accepted to any of the colleges he applied to, so he decides to create a fake college to fool his parents and help out his fellow misfits. Gaines creates the South Harmon Institute of Technology and, as expected, shenanigans ensue. As Rotten Tomatoes describes, "Accepted" is "[a] brilliant screwball comedy [that] offers insightful commentary on the Ponzi scheme that is college."

Justin Long was drugged and abducted

Back in 2009, Justin Long was in Michigan filming "Youth in Revolt" with Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, Jean Smart, and Portia Doubleday, per IMDb. In 2019, Long appeared on Dax Shepard's podcast "Armchair Expert," and during his interview, Long revealed that while filming the movie a decade earlier, he was drugged and abducted. He'd been drinking in a bar in the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park, where the comedy was filming. He left the bar with several locals who offered him marijuana. But, as Long revealed, he believes he was instead given PCP, or marijuana laced with the hallucinogen also known as Angel Dust.

He became severely disoriented and intoxicated, and the locals allegedly took him to a number of random locations against his will. He repeatedly asked them to take him to his hotel, he told Shepard, but they refused. Long also alleged that the locals said they would film him while he was intoxicated and sell the video to celebrity gossip websites. Long ended up jumping out of the moving car in order to escape his captors. He has lingering nerve damage from his injuries from that night. 

In 2019, he used how he felt during that incident for his performance in "The Wave," which Long said is "an old-fashioned morality play. A guy is having a moral crisis and goes on this journey prompted by a hallucinogenic drug and it becomes richer, deeper, more important," per the Boston Herald.

His manager tried to set him up with Selma Blair

In April 2021, Justin Long recreated Selma Blair's iconic "Cruel Intentions" scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar (you know, the one where Gellar advises Blair's character to sleep with as many people as possible after Blair describes a sex act with Ryan Phillippe's character), for Sarah Ramos' Instagram series, Quarantscenes. Long shared the video on Instagram and captioned it, "I bet @selmablair was much more professional when she originally did this scene w my favorite Tijuana traveling companion @sarahmgellar #quarantscenes."  

Blair saw the video, and it delighted her. She commented, "I am laughing and I love you and I see why you never would date me despite my business managers set up attempts years ago. This makes up for it. Thank you dear Justin. Great work." 

Justin responded, "Haha I just thought Al was being a Yenta! We can hash it out on the podcast," per Us Weekly

Justin Long had COVID-19

Back in April 2020, Justin Long and his brother, Christian Long, discussed the coronavirus on the actor's podcast "Life is Short with Justin Long" (via Access). The siblings were experiencing all of the classic signs of the virus. Christian's girlfriend, Maggie, returned from a work trip and became very ill shortly afterward, with shortness of breath and a dry cough, as well as a fever that plagued her for nearly two weeks, per Entertainment Weekly.

The day after Maggie got sick, both Justin and Christian began to experience headaches, aches and pains, nausea, and tightness in the chest. Maggie and Christian also lost their sense of taste and smell. While they are sure they had COVID-19, none of them could get tested, as they didn't fall into the high-risk category during the pandemic's early stages.

The brothers and Maggie quarantined together throughout their symptoms to protect their elderly parents. On his podcast, Justin also experienced frustration with celebrities who used their fame to get tested.

He reflected on filming Crossroads with Britney Spears

In 2002, Justin Long appeared as Henry in "Crossroads" with Britney Spears, per IMDb. In May 2020, he reflected on what it was like to film the iconic movie with her. In an interview with Us Weekly, the "Jeepers Creepers" star said, "I just remember her being so nice. She just seemed, like, such a down-to-earth [person]."

He went on to say, "I remember being so disarmed by how normal she seemed. It was at the height of her fame, and, like, everyone else, I was inundated by images of her. She was so popular, so famous." He also talked about how he expected Spears, or anyone with the level of fame she has to be, saying, "You always just sort of assume that [fame] changes people, or they act, I don't know, larger than life. ... She was just really, really sweet and kind of normal. That's what I remember."

In December 2020, Long posted a photo of himself and Spears from "Crossroads" on his Instagram and captioned it, "Some 'Crossroads' memories... I remember being slightly nervous to work with Britney Spears — she was such a massive star in 2002 (as she still is). When she introduced herself to me in the makeup trailer, I was disarmed by how sweet and NOT famous she seemed — just a nice girl (not yet a woman) from Louisiana."

Justin Long has had consistent work over the years

If you are wondering what Justin Long has been up to in recent years, let's just say he has been doing what he knows best — acting. Between December 2015 and November 2021, Long appeared on Netflix's adult animated series, "F is for Family." Per Newsweek, Long voiced multiple characters on the show, including Sue and Frank Murphy's rebellious and awkward 15-year-old son, Kevin. And while Long is definitely no teenager, the actor delivered the role perfectly, because of his own apparent experience as a somewhat maladroit teen. 

"I still very much identify with ... that awkward part," he admitted to Meredith Vieira back in 2015. "I mean, it's not to say that I haven't grown and hopefully evolved ... but I can still access that." In addition to starring as Kevin, Long also lent his voice to two other characters on the show: Chuck Sawitzki and Phineas.

Long once again wore his voice over actor hat in 2021, this time appearing in another Netflix animated series, "Master of the Universe: Revelation," on which he played a robot character named Roboto. Can't say we are surprised by that name now, can we? Per IMDb, Long also appeared as Max in the 2021 film "Lady of the Manor" (more on this project below) and, as of this writing, also had a handful of other projects lined up, including Neil LaBute's 2022 flick "House of Darkness."

He's in a loving relationship with Kate Bosworth

Like many others in Hollywood, Justin Long has a long relationship history and has, over the years, been linked with some of the industry's A-list women, including Drew Barrymore and Amanda Seyfried. These days, Long's eyes are locked on "Blue Crush" actor Kate Bosworth. Per Us Weekly, the "10 Years" actor was first linked to Bosworth in 2021 after filming 2022's "House of Darkness" together in Arkansas. The two actors initially kept mum about their relationship status, but Long revealed on his podcast "Life is Short" that December that he had a girlfriend. Though he did not mention her name, Long shared some important info — she likes pineapple on her pizza.

In January 2022, Us Weekly confirmed that Long and Bosworth were indeed dating. According to a source cited by the outlet, "They've been dating for a few months now. They secretly have been on a few getaways together. They both love to travel." That May, Long finally confirmed his blossoming romance with Bosworth during an appearance on Chelsea Handler's podcast "Dear Chelsea," while sharing the reason he has decided to keep their romance private. 

"There's something about it, for me, that I feel like I need to protect and keep sacred because it feels sacred," Long, who also went Instagram official with his lady love around the same time, explained to Handler (via People). "I've never had anything like this before; I've never experienced this. So it's something I want to protect and keep, you know?"

Justin Long made his directorial debut

With a stellar acting career already on lock, Justin Long made his directorial debut in 2021, when he and brother Christian Long collaborated on "Lady of the Manor" — and it sounds like the duo, who also penned the flick, had the time of their lives making the supernatural comedy. "We grew up watching buddy comedies, from 'Laurel and Hardy' to 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,'" they told People. "Seeing our version of a buddy comedy come to life feels like a dream come true."

Though it wasn't necessarily a hit among critics — The Hollywood Reporter, for example, called it "tedious and misguided" — the film centers around an unlikely friendship between Lady Wadsworth's ghost (Judy Greer) and pothead Hannah (Melanie Lynskey). It's definitely not your average Hollywood movie, yet the Long brothers seemed most excited about its stars bringing their characters to life. "I still can't believe they agreed to do it because Judy and Melanie are considered very classy actresses," Justin told Us Weekly. "But I also knew how funny they were." 

Though this marked the first time they wore their director hats, Justin and Christian already had plans to hop on more projects together. "We would love to do another movie," Justin revealed to Us Weekly. "We have an idea for something because it was so fun and we learned so much." Add in the fact that Justin Long joined a host of A-listers by signing with the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) in 2021, this multi-talent's future prospects in showbiz sure sound promising!