How Trump Really Feels About Twitter Today

It's been over four months since ex-president Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter (and major social media platforms across the board) following the Jan. 6 right-wing insurrection at the Capitol Building. But now, despite the possibility that he might launch his own social media platform, it seems the president who was once the most likely to tweetstorm for the rest of eternity has made peace with his social tech breakup — to a point, that is. 

According to April reports by Newsweek and Insider, Trump — who has since taken to writing letters and press releases following his Twitter ban — recently spoke with Fox News on a segment with Sean Hannity about how he views the platform with a month's worth of hindsight behind him. While they might now hinder his once-prolific authorship on Twitter prior to the ban, he's wielded his official statements to do everything from resigning from the Screen Actors Guild to lambasting his least-favorite members of the Republican party. Suffice it to say, his opinion of Twitter has since corroded, along with the mending of his broken heart and forlorn phone. So what exactly did Trump tell Hannity about what he thinks about Twitter now? Read on after the jump to find out. 

Donald Trump said Twitter is 'very boring' in his latest interview

During his latest appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity on April 19, former President Donald Trump used the opportunity to promote his latest form of communication: the press releases he authors and issues through his Office of the Former President, which is headquartered at his permanent domicile at Palm Beach's Mar-a-Lago resort. After claiming that the ex-commander-in-chief himself was solely responsible for making the "failed" platform one that was "very exciting," which he did not substantiate with hard evidence, Trump then took the time to boost his new favorite mode of dissemination.

"I'm really getting a big word out because we're doing releases," Trump told Hannity (via Newsweek). "And every time I do a release it's all over the place." He then turned his attention back to his once-beloved favorite method of discourse, stating that his releases are "better than Twitter, much more elegant than Twitter." Trump then concluded that "Twitter now is very boring, a lot of people are leaving Twitter," implying that his permanent ban has made the site a shell of its former self.

While Trump might have a high opinion of his press releases, others have not been so quick with their praise, to say the least. Slate, for example, lampooned them as "really just a collection of tweets," and Fast Company observed that while they were initially more formal than his previous 280-character posts, they now resemble Trump tweets of yore.