Olivia Plath Shares Concerning Update About Her Marriage

"Welcome to Plathville" star Olivia Plath shared some grim facts about her marriage during an Instagram Story Q&A (via People). On April 18, 2021, Olivia's chat with fans hinted about hardships she and husband Ethan Plath faced last year.

Fans seemed concerned about the "Welcome to Plathville" reality TV star because she's well-liked but also because Olivia is a stable force in the Plath family. Olivia has been an emotional rock for her husband and his siblings, Moriah and Micah Plath.

Olivia's in-laws have made life challenging for the young couple. We've learned from the show that Barry and Kim Plath believe evil spirits possess their daughter-in-law. Really. The young couple has cut off contact with Ethan's parents because of how Barry and Kim treat Olivia. Sadly, the Plath parents have cut off Ethan and Olivia's access to the younger children in the Plath family, which was heartbreaking for the couple. Keep reading to learn what Olivia shared with fans during her Instagram Q&A.

Olivia Plath is working through issues

Olivia Plath kept it really real during an Instagram Q&A with fans. The "Welcome to Plathville" star spilled the tea about her marriage, saying, "We are working through a lot right now. But hopefully, it will all make us wiser and stronger in the end." She confessed to fans, "I have a lot on my plate right now, and sometimes it's emotionally overwhelming."

The wedding photographer and wife of Ethan Plath disclosed to People in December 2020 that she had gone back to therapy, because she believes people need to "heal and process our own childhoods" before having children.

The reality show star struggled with her mental health after her marriage to Ethan. His parents, Kim and Barry Plath, were pretty awful to Olivia, and she confessed to People in January 2021 that she even contemplated suicide.

Olivia took on more than most brides when she married Ethan, who had almost no knowledge of the real world. Ethan didn't know basic things like the fact that women had periods. Olivia had to guide him through cultural knowledge — he did not even know about Spider-Man or Tom Brady. It appears that the young couple is working hard to overcome the past, so we look forward to seeing them on "Welcome to Plathville" in 2021.