Glenn Close Strikes Back About An Article Calling Her A Loser

Glenn Close has spoken out about her experience at the 93rd Academy Awards — and why she's not a loser.

Per People, the critically beloved actor has now received eight Oscar nominations without ever winning as her performance in "Hillsong Elegy" was passed over in favor of Youn Yuh-jung in "Minari." As Close told the Associated Press, however, her Best Supporting Actress loss didn't stop her from having a "wonderful" night.

"I mean, they were very strict," Close added, referencing COVID-19 protocols for the ceremony. "We were tested up the wazoo as we had to be. But I'll tell you what I loved about the Oscars ... you got to talk to people whose work you had seen and loved. I got to talk to the wonderful Korean woman who won in my category; got to meet Maria [Bakalova], who was also in my category, the wonderful young actress from Bulgaria.

"And that's what we need to do," the "Fatal Attraction" actor continued. "You need to be able to mix with your own kind and ... be able to express your appreciation and how much you've been inspired by them. And that meant a lot, I think, to everybody."

Even if Close has been able to shake off her eighth loss, some people have speculated about what it means for her career.

Glenn Close had a four-letter word for anyone who called her a loser

Glenn Close's most recent Oscars night sparked plenty of attention, including from the Los Angeles Times, who wrote: "After 8 Oscar losses, Glenn Close is now tied as the most nominated actor without a win."

Fellow actor Sarah Paulson shot back a reply to the article on her social media. "I wish this conversation would cease," the "American Horror Story" star tweeted in Close's defense. "She's brilliant and continues to have an extraordinary and enviable career. Nighty night to this click bait convo to nowheresville." Close also defended herself when the Associated Press brought up the article.

"First of all, I don't think I'm a loser," she clarified (via People). "Who in that category is a loser? You're there, you're five people honored for the work that you've done by your peers. What's better than that?" the actor said. "And I honestly feel that the press likes to have winners and losers. And then they say, 'Who is the worst dressed?' And, you know, 'Who made the worst speech?' Forget it. It's not what it's about."

Close had one final message for any critics: "I say, f*** them!"