That '70s Show Actors We've Sadly Lost

There are several iconic sitcoms that are critically acclaimed by the masses. On that list is none other than "That '70s Show." For nearly a decade between August 1998 to May 2006, the Fox sitcom kept us all entertained with the cast's goofy personalities, running gags, and comedic quirks. What makes "That '70s Show" so special is the undeniable chemistry between the cast. The show had a star-studded cast: Topher Grace as the nerdy Eric Forman, Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti, Ashton Kutcher as seemingly ditzy Michael Kelso, Mila Kunis as spoiled brat Jackie Burkhart, Danny Masterson as the marijuana- enthusiast Steven Hyde, and Wilmer Valderrama as the not-so-smooth Casanova, foreign exchange student known as "Fez."

Aside from the main characters, the supporting cast is jam packed with actors with tons of experience in television — overall, making the show worth every season. Unfortunately since the show's end in 2006, we've lost a few supporting stars. Read on to find out which "That '70s Show" stars are no longer with us.

Tanya Roberts frequently kept us laughing as Midge Pinciotti

The main characters of "That '70s Show" may have proved themselves to be comedic geniuses. However, the parents stole the show from time to time. Aside from Eric's memorable parent duo of Kitty and Red, Donna's captured parents often captured our attention. Donna's dad Bob Pinciotti (Don Stark) is noted for his goofy personality. However, his feminist wife Midge — played by Tanya Roberts — ultimately stole the show with her quirky behavior and hilarious moments.

Prior to being on the show, Roberts appeared in the fifth season of "Charlie's Angels," as well as the 1982 cult-classic "The Beastmaster." She also appeared in Roger Moore's final Bond Girl in 1985's "A View to a Kill."

In December 2020, Roberts fell ill with an infection that traveled to her bloodstream. She died on Jan. 4, 2021 at the age of 65, as confirmed by her partner Lance O'Brien (via New York Times). Despite being retired prior to her death, we will always remember Midge as of our favorite television moms.

Lisa Robin Kelly threw major shade at the gang as Laurie Forman

We can often rely on sitcoms to always expect an antagonist, or nemesis. On "That '70s Show," the cast is used to having often friendly verbal exchanges with one another. However, when it comes to Eric's big sister, Laurie Forman — played by Lisa Robin Kelly — the gang was notorious for verbally sparring with her. In addition to having a smart mouth, her overly promiscuous personality was one that we can't forget.

Despite the age gap between her and the rest of the gang, Laurie someway found herself involved in a number of their daily activities. Additionally, she once had a thing with Kelso while in a "committed" relationship with her boyfriend. She even marries Fez in one episode so he could avoid deportation. Unfortunately, Kelly left the show in season 6 due to her struggles with depression and alcoholism. Laurie's role was recast with Christina Moore. However, Moore just didn't have the same conviction to embody Laurie in the same capacity as Kelly did.

Kelly's personal issues affected her greatly. In a 2012 interview with ABC News, she further spoke on what she went through. Kelly died on Aug. 15, 2013 from an accidental drug overdose at a Los Angeles rehab facility, per The Hollywood Reporter. She was 43 years old.

Mary Tyler Moore has iconic comedic quirks as Christine St. George

Mary Tyler Moore appeared on "That '70s Show" for three episodes as Christine St. George, the host of a local TV program titled, "What's Up, Wisconsin?" Christine also was Jackie's idol, and viewers may remember the latter working as her assistant. During Moore's brief stint on "That '70s Show," she brought her comedic expertise, making her mark as one of the coveted supporting actors of the show.

Moore has several credits in the television and film industry, including an Oscar nomination for the 1980 drama film, "Ordinary People." She also had her own seven-season show called "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Despite her struggles with alcoholism and Type 1 diabetes, Moore's work ethic remained consistent throughout her career.

In her 70s, Moore's health began to deteriorate. She died on Jan. 25, 2017 after being hospitalized for pneumonia. She was 80 at the time of her death. She is best remembered for her contributions to the TV and film industry, as well as her impressive screen presence.

Tom Poston's sitcom experience shined through as Burt Sigurdson

Tom Poston had quite an impressive career behind him. What sets Poston apart from most actors is the fact that he appeared in more sitcoms than any other actor in television history, per USA Today. With his career beginning early as 1950, Poston has appeared on a number of shows, including "The Simpsons" and "Family Matters." On "That '70s Show," Poston played Kitty's father Burt Sigurdson. In a three-episode stretch, Poston appeared alongside Betty White as Kitty's parents. Compared to Bea Sigurdson, Burt was more loving and compassionate to others. Burt and Bea's appearance came to a tragic end when the former had a fatal heart attack in the Formans' driveway. Poston went on to follow up his "That '70s Show" appearance with a few more sitcom roles, including on Disney Channel's "The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody." Poston died on April 30, 2007 after a short illness. He was 85.