The Truth About Kathy And Cristina From sMothered

It's hard to believe we are just days away from the Season 3 premiere of "sMothered" on TLC. Fan favorites Sunhe and Angelica and Dawn and Cher will return, but viewers will also be introduced to new mother-daughter duos this season. One of those pairs is Rykia and Karla, who give each other bikini waxes. That's one way to hang out with your mom, right?

This season will definitely have fans raising an eyebrow, per the series' Season 3 press release. "These outrageous moments add to the shocking relationships that we couldn't peel our eyes away from past seasons," the press release states. We will also have a front-row seat to their "unique rituals" and "unbreakable bonds," and we can't think of anything more shocking than Lisa artificially inseminating her daughter on TV. Yes, it happened!

It seems like the new duos will make a splash, but don't count out returning pair Kathy and Cristina. Keep reading for more details on who they really are.

Kathy and Cristina are louder than ever on 'sMothered' Season 3

Kathy Crispino and her daughter Cristina Bertolli made waves with their too-close relationship on Season 1 of "sMothered." Kathy opened up about their relationship in a June 2019 interview with the Chicago Tribune, saying, "I'm her first call of the day. I'm her last call of the night," she said. "I see her every morning. We decide what we're going to do for the day. We either meet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — or all of them."

Kathy even admitted to hiring a private investigator for her daughter at one point because "I have a right to know where you're at." She didn't think anything was off about her love for Cristina, adding, "I don't like the perception that there's something wrong with this. There's nothing wrong with this. There's nothing weird about this. This is how we live. We're just very close."

In Season 2, viewers saw Kathy try to convince Cristina's husband, Carlo, to live with her for five months while the couple's home was being remodeled, per the Chicago Tribune. Kathy reportedly surprised Carlo with the plan when he was at the gym. Yikes! Tensions seem to hit a fever pitch in Season 3, with Carlo quitting his job at his family's pizzeria to open his own pizza joint and canceling the home renovation, per the press release. Of course, Kathy isn't the only "sMothered" mom to come between her daughter and her spouse; the new season is sure to be a wild ride.