Family Karma: Who Is Shaan Patel's Brother, Dillon Patel?

The reality TV show "Family Karma" is coming back for Season 2 on June 2 and with a new season comes some new faces. Don't worry, the show's stars Anisha Ramakrishna, Amrit Kapai, Bali Chainani, Brian Benni, Monica Vaswani, Shaan Patel, and Vishal Parvani are all coming back to the Bravo hit. For those who have not watched yet, "Family Karma" follows a close-knit group of young Indian American friends as they navigate their professional and personal lives in Miami, all while dealing with the pressures and demands of their traditional parents.

One of the two newbies that we will meet this season is Shaan's younger brother Dillon Patel. According to Dillon's Bravo bio, he is joining the crew from San Francisco, where worked as a Senior Manager of Global Operations at a tech company. Apparently, Dillion has decided to move back to Miami and into "his childhood home, the Patel Compound, to live with his large, multi-generational family." This, of course, includes his older brother Shaan, who according to Entertainment Tonight, will deal with the pressure of getting married and having kids this season, while his girlfriend, Pooja, is away at law school.

In the trailer for Season 2, it shows that the cast will appear to be dealing with a lot of changes in their relationships, as well as handling their parents or grandparents' interference in how they choose to live their lives. So where does Dillon fit in amongst all this?

Dillon Patel is causing drama while looking for love

Dillon Patel may be new to this season of "Family Karma," but it appears he won't have trouble fitting in. Besides being Shaan Patel's younger brother, he's also fellow cast member's Anisha Ramakrishna's best friend. According to the Season 2 trailer, Anisha makes the decision to freeze her eggs amid her family pestering her over when she'll get married. In the trailer, the fashionista reveals, "Everyone says, 'Oh Anisha, you're not married, you have evil eye.'"

Yet Anisha is not alone in her quest to find love and is also interested in taking on the love life of her bestie, Dillon. According to his Bravo bio, "With the help of his friend Anisha, Dillon is looking for a guy who can keep up with his family, friends, and career." While Dillon is openly gay, we will see his fellow cast member, Amrit Kapai, decide to come out to his elder family members this season. "In India, they are shunned," his mother explains in the trailer.

While we can expect to see Dillon look for Mr. Right whilst living with his family, Entertainment Tonight suggests that the Duke University alum will also bring the drama. Apparently, Dillon will spread some rumors that the group won't take too kindly to this season. When he's not filming "Family Karma," Dillion appears to be splitting his time between Miami and California, as seen on his Instagram. He also runs a clothing lifestyle brand called DilPop.