Fans Are Fuming At Perez Hilton Over His Past Treatment Of Britney Spears. Here's Why

Perez Hilton is taking some serious heat as Britney Spears' conservatorship case hit the headlines in a major way. After years of intrigue and various reports and documentaries lifting the lid on the situation between Spears and her father, the star finally got her chance to speak out on June 23.

The mom of two had the world watching as she got extremely candid while speaking to the court via video. Spears made some shocking allegations and revealed just how unhappy she's been under the conservatorship, which has been in place since 2008.

Amid the serious claims Spears made was that she had an IUD she was not allowed to remove, while she also alleged she had no idea she was actually allowed to petition to have her conservatorship brought to an end (via People). "I've lied and told the whole world I'm okay and I'm happy. It's a lie," she heartbreakingly said.

As fans will know, the conservatorship was put into place in 2008 following Spears' very public issues with her mental health which saw her shave her head and attack a paparazzo's car with an umbrella. At the time, her every move was covered and photographed by the media, with one blogger in particular very closely documenting her downfall. Read on for what Spears' fans are saying about Perez Hilton today.

Perez Hilton was slammed for contributing to Britney Spears' downfall

Perez Hilton saw serious backlash on social media on June 23, particularly after he appeared to voice his support for Britney Spears as what happened inside the courtroom became public knowledge.

"It's official! #BritneySpears has DEMANDED that her conservatorship end. And that it end NOW. And she's impassioned! Speaking so eloquent about the mistreatment that she claims to have received from her father and her team," he tweeted, adding "#FreeBritney." Hilton also took to YouTube to share a message for the star and her fans — which didn't exactly sit well with everyone.

Many Twitter users slammed the gossip blogger because of his part in not exactly being kind to the pop superstar on his blog at the height of her issues. "Your entire professional career is based on her pain,'" one person claimed, to which Hilton replied, "I take accountability."

"Need I remind that you spent years body shaming Britney, mocking her, and wishing death on her. People are allowed to have a change of heart and character, including you, but this message should be preempted by a LONG and sincere apology for the years of abuse inflicted by YOU," another wrote. Hilton responded, "You think I need the reminder?"

Hilton also appeared on "Good Morning Britain" on June 24, where he claimed he felt "deep shame and regret for any pain that [he] caused in Britney Spears' life."