Rihanna Just Took A Stand Against Drake

Back in the day, Rihanna and Drake made up one of the most buzz-worthy on-again-off-again celebrity couples around. That's why fans were surely thrilled when things started heating up between them once again in 2016. That was when Drake publicly professed his love for her at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Things between the two were going so well, that they even got matching tattoos. Have you ever spotted the camo shark that was inked on Rihanna's ankle? According to E! News, "her selection ha[d] 'special significance' between the two." Indeed, the pretty predator — which was a piece done by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang — was a reminder of a date that Drake and Rihanna enjoyed at Toronto's Ripley Aquarium, which is where he bought her a stuffed shark toy. The rapper then "revealed he received his own camouflage shark tattoo that matches Rihanna's. During [a] concert stop, the small ink could be spotted on the inside of his arm."

However, the two eventually split again and in the years since have gone their separate ways. He's now a dad and has been involved in some questionable and problematic relationships. She's dated both billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel and has been spotted with rapper A$AP Rocky. In fact, it was while she was out for a night with the latter that eagle-eyed fans noticed something about the singer that might mean that she and Drake are never getting back together.

Rihanna covered up the tattoo she shared with Drake

Things seem to be going pretty well when it comes to, err– whatever is happening between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. While we don't exactly know if they're keeping the situation casual, have fallen deeply in love, or are on their way to a happily-ever-after, what we do know is that she's moved on. To make that quite clear, she's gotten rid of the camo shark tattoo that she shared with Drake.

CTV's ETalk reported that on June 24, "Rihanna was spotted out in New York City with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky and she was wearing a pink slip dress with a daring side slit up to her hip and a bright pink furry hat." While the look buzzworthy itself, what really got people talking was the fact that (as you can see in this Twitter side-by-side) the shark tattoo was missing. In its place was a brand new design of a regal crown ... which is pretty perfect for this queen.

Of course, fans were quick to share their opinions about the cover-up. One person took to Twitter to write, "Drake [is] somewhere out there bawling his eyes out." Another social media user was more focused on Rihanna, tweeting, "It's great to move on[. G]ood for her." Others were more into the ink itself, writing, "It's her body. She can do whatever she wants with it. Plus the new crown tat looks so much nicer than the shark did."