How Chrishell Stause Really Feels About Her Selling Sunset Costars

Chrishell Stause held nothing back when discussing her relationship with her "Selling Sunset" co-stars on the July 13 episode of the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast. When host Amanda Hirsch asked about her notorious feud with co-star Christine Quinn, Chrishell confirmed she had no interest in salvaging the relationship.

"There's so much stuff that goes on behind the scenes between all the time of when the cameras start rolling and everything, and so it's just one of those things that just so much has happened at this point, that it's just I feel like it's best just to as much as possible keep us to our separate corners," the actor and high-end real estate agent explained. Christine and Chrishell's relationship turned sour in 2020 when Christine made speculative comments about Chrishell's shocking divorce from actor Justin Hartley, per Elle.

"It's gotten a little messy and it's just, you know, she really enjoys the drama and thrives on that kind of an aspect," Chrishell continued on about Christine. Christine told Women's Health magazine in 2020 that she "loves" being portrayed as the villain on "Selling Sunset," so Chrishell's comments about her character are not unfounded. "And I'm the kind of person [that] it gives me such anxiety and it stresses me out so much, and I really wanna enjoy coming to work," Chrishell added. 

Chrishell also opened up about her relationship with her other "Selling Sunset" co-stars. Keep scrolling to learn how she really feels about Heather Rae Young, Mary Fitzgerald, and Amanda Smith.

Chrishell Stause thinks women are stronger together

Chrishell Stause has a much more positive relationship with her other "Selling Sunset" co-stars than she does with Christine Quinn. "We are all like really genuinely friends. We see each other constantly whether we're filming or not," she gushed about her bond with Heather Rae Young, Mary Fitzgerald, and Amanza Smith on "Not Skinny But Not Fat." She also revealed she's in the middle of "a deal" with two of them.

Furthermore, Chrishell thinks it's best when she and her coworkers stick together and don't let any drama or media pressure get between them. "I feel like the ones that you don't let that kind of stuff get in the way, we've become more successful than we ever could have imagined," she explained. "This show is putting our business out in 190 countries, so it's like we have so much business, we can't do it all. I think that that's one of those things where it's like we're just riding this high and excited," she concluded. Of course, not everyone can be best friends with everyone, but at least Chrishell knows she has some strong women to navigate her growing success with.