Are Carly And Joey From Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Still Together?

Season two of Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle" not only saw some reckless rule breaks; the drama was pretty intense compared to the show's first season. As ten single, horny contestants entered the house, many of them forged relationships – however, the journey wasn't easy for all the pairings. The temptation seemed to get real for a few of the contestants, causing tension from time to time. One couple that faced a similar outcome during their time at the villa is Carly Lawrence and Chase DeMoor.

Carly instantly hit it off with the football player, but the two came across a few bumps in the road. Viewers may remember Carly's impulsive decision to kiss co-star Peter Vigilante one night at the villa, Carly and Chase later confirmed their feelings for one another, and even managed to withstand the former's date with Robert Van Tromp, a new addition to the house. Unfortunately, Chase abruptly ended their relationship after realizing they might not be compatible.

Chase didn't seem to stay down about their split long — especially when U.K.-based beauty Tabitha Clifft joined the cast 24 hours later. Carly was obviously upset at Chase's actions until she found herself in the comfort (and the bed) of newcomer Joey Joy. Despite things not working out between her and Chase, Carly gave the experience another shot and seemed to leave with a beau after the show. If you're wondering if Carly and Joey are still an item, keep on scrolling!

This is how Carly and Joey made their relationship permanent

It's not often that we see contestants of "Too Hot To Handle" score the rebound with another person in the villa, but luckily Carly and Joey were a perfect match for each other — both on- and offscreen. Once the cameras stopped rolling, it seemed that Carly and Joey's relationship went to the next level. According to Elle Australia, Toronto native Carly spent time in Joey's hometown of Miami after filming had wrapped back in 2020. In similar occurrences, Carly geo-tagged a few of her Instagram posts in Miami between January and February. The reality star also admitted to flying out to see her new beau during the "THTH" season two reunion.

The flights to Florida aren't the only thing making their relationship official. Carly and Joey decided to seal the deal a little more by getting matching fire emoji tattoos, which we assume symbolizes where they met. Carly posted a selfie of the lovebirds showing off their matching ink on their pinky fingers in July, captioning it, "Said he'd never get a tattoo ... or a girlfriend. Must be doing something right. happy birthday to my love." Joey also showed some love to his lady in a July 19 photo of the two in Los Angeles for a "THTH" cast link up. He wrote, "Forever pool partner." How sweet!