The Truth About Sexy Beasts' Nina And Mick

"Sexy Beasts" takes dating shows to a whole new level. Contestants are completely disguised, thanks to some seriously talented makeup artists, in prosthetics and design to make them look like wild animals or monsters. While it makes for a sensational reality TV pitch, the camouflage also serves a deeper purpose: It urges people to dig deeper than the physical level.

Because of its outrageous premise, the series is turning heads and there are several facts about the series that people might not know. Not only that, but many people are taking a critical stance towards the sensational series.

Considering "Sexy Beasts" is a dating show, after all, it's fair to ask the details about the various couples we've been introduced to. Where are Kariselle and Tyler today? And how about James and Alexis? If you can't remember who they are, James was dressed as a beaver, and Alexis was disguised as a leopard. Lol! Then there's Emma and Bennett, too. But we're also dying to know more about Nina and Mick. What's the deal with those two? Keep reading after the jump.

Nina and Mick from Sexy Beasts could still be together

Just for the record, Nina was disguised as a dolphin, while Mick was a rhinoceros. Nina was the "picker" on her date with three different men: Dustin, Mick, and Dominic. Nina, as The Cinemaholic notes, said that she was looking for someone who would fit into her future dream of living on a farm. She was also looking for someone with a spiritual side. 

Of the three men, Nina picked Mick, which makes sense considering he's a holistic health practitioner, per the outlet. But our biggest question is, did they stay together? Neither one has answered the question publicly, but another issue is distance. As The Cinemaholic notes, Nina moved to Coronado, Calif., to pursue acting while Mick is an Australian living in Los Angeles, Calif., where he works as an actor and artist. Hey, at least they're in the same state.

They also follow each other on Instagram, as Decider notes, and neither has shared content featuring other people. So it's fair to assume that they could be seeing each other. The outlet also notes a vital tidbit, though: Nina often likes Mick's posts, but he doesn't always like hers back. Hmmm.