Was This The Cause For Meghan Markle's Struggle With Her In-Laws?

Meghan Markle was in the spotlight long before she ever met Prince Harry. The actor had a leading part as Rachel Zane in "Suits" and was possibly already on her way to becoming a household name. However, all that changed when she started dating the handsome redhead prince. Her role changed and Meghan seemed to adapt admirably.

As with most beginnings, things looked promising when she married Harry and seemed to bring the royal monarchy to life with her personable touch. However, it wasn't long before cracks began to show in the Fab Four with Meghan and Harry breaking away from the House of Cambridge. Megxit followed at the beginning of 2020, and Meghan and Harry fled the U.K. to start a new life in California. In 2021, they decided to air their dirty laundry in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the British monarchy of ignoring a suicidal Meghan's pleas for help and revealed that there had been racist remarks made about their son Archie. 

Since then, Meghan has taken on a new role. She authored a children's book and became a mother for the second time. They named their daughter Lilibet Diana, after Queen Elizabeth II and Harry's mom, which could indicate that family ties are important to them. Now, another person has spoken out about what went wrong with Meghan and her in-laws. This viscountess may provide some credible insight, as she and Meghan have more in common than one might think.

Meghan and Harry 'expected an apology'

Julie Montagu and Meghan Markle have similar stories, as both are American divorcees. And while Meghan married a prince, Montagu wed the Viscount Hinchingbrooke, who is the son of the Earl of Sandwich. Sixteen years after her marriage, Montagu is thriving, but Meghan returned to the U.S. with a bitter rift separating her from her in-laws.

Montagu provided some valuable insight in an interview with the U.K.'s Channel 6 special program "Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power," per Daily Mail. In the royal family, "You can't really be anything you want to be or do anything you want to do or say anything you want to say," Montagu explained. "Your duty is to the Queen and that's very difficult for someone like Meghan." Montagu also tried to explain the intrinsic belief that every American has and the difficulties Meghan could have faced. "To switch off that American dream off and accept 'now you have to do what we say' is difficult," she said.

Lady Montagu also felt that Meghan wanted to do the interview with Oprah because "it was an opportunity for her to not only share it with the world, but she hoped the royal family was actually listening." She felt that Meghan and Harry "expected an apology" and added, "I think it's clear they were angry." Long before Meghan was a duchess, she was captaining her own ship. Will she ever be able to mend familial ties?