What's Really Going On With 90 Day Fiance's Paola And Russ?

If you are a fan of "90 Day Fiancé," then you're familiar with the lineup of long-distance couples who have three months to decide if they want to say "I do." Though the series features an untraditional approach to marriage, fans have actually seen success come from the show. In fact, countless "90 Day Fiancé" duos are still together to this day, including Jovi and Yara Dufren, Alan and Kirlyam Cox, and Mike and Aziza Eloshway, among others, per their social media activity. Season 1 stars Paola and Russ Mayfield also appeared to be going strong, but the pair sparked breakup rumors in mid-August.

Having shared several strange messages on Twitter on August 13, fans speculated the two were headed towards Splitsville when Paola wrote, "Part of the reason why relationships end is that we get caught up in other things, forget to appreciate one another, and sadly, marriage isn't a priority anymore." In a follow-up tweet hours later, the Colombia native offered an idea why Russ hasn't appeared on her social media page recently. "People asked me why I don't take pictures with my husband, and my answer is ... I just don't like to pretend," she wrote, adding via hashtag, "you are guessing right."

Paola held off from stating whether or not the two were totally over, but shortly after she aired their dirty laundry on social media, the TV personality's manager addressed the speculation. Keep scrolling for all the scoop on where Paola and Russ stand today. 

Paola and Russ Mayfield are taking 'a break' after nearly 8 years of marriage

Is it over for Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield? The "90 Day Fiancé" stars are taking some time apart and are "on a break," Paola's manager, Dominique Enchinton, told InTouch on August 13. According to the outlet, the couple is seeking marriage counseling, but clarified the two are "not getting a divorce" as of this moment. "They are still together. They are just taking a break and going to therapy to work through [their] issues," the Dominion Talent House owner said.

Enchinton explained the pair's decision to move into an RV complicated things as they were quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. In addition to being in such close quarters, "Russ has lost his job during the pandemic, so Paola was the sole breadwinner for the past year," Enchinton explained. "With all of that, it's definitely taken a toll on both of them being in each other's faces, so they are going to be taking a break for a little bit."

Paola and Russ have been married for nearly eight years, having wed on October 7, 2013. The couple later became the parents of their son, Axel Mayfield, in January 2019. Because Paola and Russ have so much history and "love each other very much," Enchinton said they have "no animosity" toward each other. "A lot of couples have gone through this. [They] have nothing bad to say about one another," she insisted.