The RHOBH Co-Stars That Are Turning Against Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's legal woes have been making headlines since the end of 2020, and they've been discussed by Erika herself on this season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Most of the franchise's 11th season, which premiered in May, has revolved around Erika's divorce with her spilling new details every week about Tom's deteriorating health, his cheating allegations, and accusations of embezzling money from victims he represented.

Her fellow co-stars — which include Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley, who she has filmed with for five years — have shown their blind support for the "XXPEN$IVE" singer since the news broke of her divorce from Tom in early November 2020. However, when the L.A. Times article broke that revealed Tom allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars that were owed to victims of a plane crash, some of the women started to change their tune. Read on to find out which of the "Pretty Mess" author's co-stars seem to be thinking twice about her possible involvement in the case.

Sutton Stracke is worried about her reputation by associating with Erika Jayne

In the latest episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Sutton Stracke asked all of her fellow co-stars, except Erika Jayne, to get together to discuss the information in the L.A. Times exposé. Per Entertainment Weekly, the women gathered at Dorit Kemsley's home where Sutton admitted she was concerned about what her own association with Erika would do to her reputation. The women then agree that they need to get straight answers from Erika because they don't want to support her if she knew about the alleged embezzlement. Lisa Rinna stood up for her friend.

At Kyle Richards' Christmas dinner, Sutton asked Erika if she gets notice about information that comes out about her estranged husband Tom Girardi, which Erika denied. "It's the $20 million elephant in the room — why is the paper saying that $20 million went into your LLC?" Sutton asked, per Entertainment Weekly, as Kyle finally asks the question on everyone's mind. "Did you know any of this?" "No, I did not," Erika firmly replied. Garcelle Beauvais explained that the victims should be the main concern. "So, if what Tom did is absolutely true, then f*** Tom," she said sternly. Erika goes on to again reference Tom's deteriorating mental capacity and noted, "Because if he stole the money, I'd like to know where it is."

Erika recently confirmed she'll be attending the reunion taping, which is always bound to be filled with drama.