Brad Pitt Turns To Sculpting To Get Over His Broken Heart

To each his own. The Daily Mail reports that Brad Pitt spends up to 15 hours a day in an art studio owned by his friend, artist Thomas Houseago, where he works on sculptures and listens to playlists of sad songs.

Pitt, 53, reportedly drives to the Los Angeles studio on his motorcycle on late mornings and stays until the evening. He's usually joined by Houseago as well as a staff of assistants, but often stays much later than they do to work alone.

Reportedly, he spends all night working on his art and listening to emotional songs, including "Just to Satisfy You" by Waylon Jennings (which includes the lyrics "How many hearts must break / How many will it take / To satisfy you, just to satisfy you / Another love, another fool / To play your game") and other tracks by Bon Iver.

"Everybody knows it's related to what's going on with him personally, but nobody says anything," a source said. "He's a quiet guy, and very humble. He's learning at a fast pace. Art is a way for him to concentrate on one thing, taking his mind off everything else. He'd rather do that and be constructive than go out partying."

The source also told The Daily Mail that Pitt is living a clean life these days, though he still "vapes." Sources previously told The National Enquirer (via Radar Online) that substance abuse problems are part of what drove Pitt and Jolie, 41, apart.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016 after an alleged in-flight altercation between Pitt and their son, Maddox. She retains temporary sole physical custody of their six children (Maddox, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8), though Pitt is fighting for joint custody after being cleared of child abuse allegations. The pair recently agreed to seal their custodial documents and keep the proceedings out of the press.

"Angelina asked a Superior Court of California judge to enforce the drug testing as a form of rehabilitation," a source close to the Oscar-winning actress said (via Radar Online). "She feared he had hit rock-bottom," explained another source. "Brad's health had friends concerned, too ... You used to walk into Brad's house, and there were different grades of dope and lots of bongs and smoking paraphernalia on a table. He cut way back after he and Angie married because she wouldn't tolerate it. [He] doesn't want any part of drugs or booze right now; he's dedicated to his children. It's what's best for himself and his family in the long-term and that's a bigger buzz than any cocktail or marijuana joint could provide."

A source told People of Pitt's new hobby, "He recently spent many days and even nights working on a sculpture. People close to him are happy that he has found something new to be passionate about."