How Do Prince William's Children Inspire Him?

Prince William has not been shy about using his voice when it comes to pressing environmental issues. But it's more than just talk — William launched the "Earthshot Prize" initiative to promote positivity around environmental discourse by awarding innovative ideas that solve crucial environmental problems.

"The Earthshot prize is really about harnessing that optimism and that urgency to find some of the world's solutions to some of the greatest environmental problems," William told the BBC in October 2020. The Duke of Cambridge added that anyone could win the award for their "brilliant innovative projects." Five awards of £1 million each will be given out each year for ten years, totaling £50 million, to reward innovative ideas to protect and restore nature, clean the earth's atmosphere, eliminate waste from the world, fix climate issues, and revive the earth's oceans. The intention behind the Earthshots award is to have "universal goals to repair our planet by 2030." 

William's to-do list to solve some of the most complex environmental problems is long, and it's hard to tread forward — even with all the help — without any inspiration. Thankfully, the prince doesn't have to look too far, as his motivation lies in his three kids: Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte. The little royals have much to offer to their father to motivate him to do some good in the world. Here's more on how William's children inspire him.

Prince William wants to be a better example to his children

Prince Williams' children have much to look forward to in their father — aka, the future King of the United Kingdom. His yearning to become a good example for his young children motivates William to move forward with his ideas to help solve world environmental problems. It turns out he wants to be able to look into the eyes of his three children and say that he did his bit for the world and the environment. And it all starts with inculcating some "personal change" in his life.

"The challenge the Duke set himself was, 'What is the maximum positive personal contribution I can make in the next 10 years in the fight against climate change?" says Jason Knauf, the chief executive of the Royal Foundation, while explaining the idea behind the environmental awards, per People. "What am I going to do in the next decade that means I can look my children in the eye and say that I did my bit? Every aspect of the Prize bears the stamp of his contribution."

William writes in the foreword of "Earthshot: How to Save Our Planet" that he "strongly believes" that change is possible, and it's done with "collective ambition, and a can-do-spirit." Despite the decade-long journey ahead, William's got his foundation set up, and with the support and love of his children, he could go all way!