Kylie Jenner's Swimsuits Are Getting Dragged On The Internet

There's no doubting the Kardashian family is full of savvy businesswomen. Despite the clan regularly being called out for their apparent lack of talent, there's no doubting that Kim Kardashian and her famous family members have made an art out of branding and making serious dough from their fame.

Kim's youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, has probably proved that point better than anyone, turning her notoriety into a controversial almost billion-dollar business. Kylie's brand is a pretty big umbrella, covering everything from (of course) makeup with Kylie Cosmetics, to her Kylie Skin skincare line, and, as of September, Kylie Baby, which includes several products for youngsters as Kylie expects her second child.

That same month, Kylie also launched her own swimwear line, Kylie Swim, after she filed a trademark request in May to sell "swimwear, beach cover-ups, headwear, tops, bottoms, footwear and robes," as well as beach accessories (including sunglasses and towels), under the name Kylie Skin (per WWD).

The former "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star then teased her line on August 17, when Kylie Swim's official Instagram account shared a Polaroid photo of the reality star in a skimpy yellow and pink swim look alongside the caption, "coming soon..."

Well, the swimwear line has finally dropped, and, well, not all the reviews have been quite so sunny. Scroll on to find out why Kylie is getting some less than stellar comments about her new venture.

Kylie Jenner's Kylie Swim line got some scathing first reviews

It's safe to say that Kylie Jenner's swim pieces weren't overly well received. Some early orderers flocked to social media to share their thoughts on Kylie Swim, with several revealing their disappointment while showing off the garments on social media.

TikTok user @abriannaxrenee gave a look at multiple pieces with shoddy stitching in a video that's since gone viral, writing in the caption, "the way it keeps getting worse." Fellow TikToker @makeupshayla shared an "honest review," showing off how "sheer the material" is and suggested it was too thin to get wet (which isn't exactly ideal for swimwear). She did however praise the design and approved of a matching sarong.

As for TikTok's @tinytello, she tried on a bright yellow number but admitted she was "completely and totally disappointed with how see-through" the garment was, admitting she wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it in public. "The fact that no one saw how see-through this is blows my mind. I bet they did," she added. "For me it comes down to lack of integrity as a business owner... the fact that they gave this the thumbs up is really concerning to me."

But it wasn't all quite so scathing. Others had some nicer things to say, including @msdreababyy who wrote she "looooovedddddd" her pieces and thought the one-piece she purchased made her body looked "snatched," though still pointed out how thin the material was.

All publicity is good publicity. Right, Kylie?