Has Mike Pence Spoken To Donald Trump Since No Longer Being In Office Together?

How Mike Pence and Donald Trump's relationship has evolved over time is very difficult to pinpoint. One moment they are up together, riding high over the success of their leadership decisions, and the next moment, Trump is screaming at Pence for not doing something that he wanted him to do.

Even a former senior administration official for Trump told the Washington Post about the turbulent relationship dynamic between these two. "Pence would spend hours in the Oval. Pence would come in, he'd get his daily brief and then he'd get word of when the president would be coming into the Oval and then he'd go over there and they'd spend hours together. For them to not speak anymore is a paradigm I just never would have imagined," they noted.

We've all experienced up-and-down relationships before, but when it is on a larger scale, like being president and vice president of a country, it probably can feel exhausting. That's why we are wondering what the status of their relationship is now that they're both living semi-normal lives as citizens. Also, has Pence been speaking to Trump after leaving the Oval Office? Here's what we know. 

Trump and Pence are still communicating

If you've assumed that Donald Trump and Mike Pence now have bad blood between each other because of everything that occurred over the past four years, you'd be dead wrong. "We've spoken probably a dozen times since the inauguration," Pence told the "Ruthless" podcast on September 30. Pence was out promoting his conservative group, "Advancing American Freedom," on the podcast, but discussed his time with Trump as well. He reassured listeners that he and Trump have moved on from any issues, like the events of January 6, and "finished the work," explaining that his focus is "entirely on the future."

It's great to hear that the bromance bridge between these two hasn't burned down yet. Pence said the next step for both of them is to "tell the story of what [they] did the last four years ... and not to be smug about it." Some Republican voters are starting to feel a little hesitant about their base because of previous leadership decisions. So, Pence believes the GOP has to switch their method of communicating, and "articulate a positive conservative agenda that will draw the American people to us."

Pence also believes that the Republican party will take back Congress in 2022, and eventually, the White House in 2024. "This is the greatest nation on Earth and I think it has fallen to us as conservatives and Republicans to defend and advance the freedom that's made this the greatest nation the world has ever known," he said.