Did Donald Trump And Boris Johnson Really Dicuss This Strange Subject Together?

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NPR called former President Donald Trump and United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson "remarkably similar figures" after Johnson was elected in 2019. NPR noted, "Like Trump, Johnson is a larger-than-life populist who has made controlling immigration and restoring his nation's standing in the world key issues." The outlet also reported that Johnson, like Trump, made headlines for affairs and his habit of "playing fast and loose" with facts. And now, a preview of Stephanie Grisham's book, "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House," has renewed focus on their interactions while Trump was president.

Trump's former press secretary's book, which goes on sale October 5, contains some of the weirdest anecdotes of the many Trump tell-all books, especially the stories about Trump meeting with other world leaders. According to The Guardian, the book contains a tidbit about Trump's meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his team. Trump asked if they had seen "Midnight Express," a '70s film about an American in a Turkish prison. Trump allegedly said, "That's a dark movie for you guys." The Guardian reported that Grisham's book reveals that Trump also told Pakistan's prime minister that "India reminded him of California with all of the homelessness."

The Daily Mail reported that Grisham's book features a wild claim Trump made about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother. Trump told Grisham that Trudeau's mother slept with The Rolling Stones. But you won't believe what Trump and Johnson discussed in their meeting. Keep reading to find out.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson discussed kangaroo strength

Donald Trump's former press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that Trump and United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson were "soulmates." The Guardian reported on a strange Trump-Johnson anecdote in Grisham's "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House." The book claims that, at one meeting, Trump and Johnson "discussed how powerful kangaroos were at considerable length." Um, what? Grisham wrote that Johnson was "one of the few European leaders Trump seemed to tolerate. Conversations between those two, both pudgy white guys with crazy hair, redefined the word random."

Another random topic Trump and Johnson discussed? Gallbladders. Grisham described a conversation between the two world leaders, via The Guardian, where Johnson asked Trump, "Can you put a new gallbladder in? I don't know what a gallbladder does." Trump replied, "It has something to do with alcohol."

According to The Washington Post, Grisham described her time working for the 45th U.S. president as a "classic abuse relationship," with Trump like a "the distant, erratic father we all wanted to please."