What Does Melania Trump's Self Care Regimen Really Consist Of?

During her four years as first lady of the United States alongside her husband, then-President Donald Trump, Melania Trump was in the spotlight just as much as the controversial politician. Though the Slovenia-born former model is regarded as the most private and reserved first lady in modern American political history, those inside the White House got the closest look inside the intriguing life of the businesswoman. Stephanie Grisham, who served as a senior aide to Donald and Melania prior to her role as White House press secretary, provides a fascinating firsthand account of her experiences with the Trumps in her memoir, "I'll Take Your Questions Now," which is set to hit shelves on October 5.

According to excerpts obtained by CNN, Grisham recounted some of Melania's most memorable moments during Donald's presidency and revealed shocking claims about the one-time actor. Not only did the former communications director and chief of staff divulge her personal account of Melania's infamous "I really don't care. Do u?" jacket, and reveal that she called stepdaughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner "the interns," but Grisham also detailed Melania's obsession with reading her own press. "Like her husband and all of his kids, Mrs. Trump scrutinized her press clippings like an expert architect focusing on blueprints," she wrote. Grisham even offered a look at Melania's "self-care" regimen, which included spending a lot of time out of the office. For more details, keep scrolling.

Melania Trump's self-care routine earned her the nickname 'Rapunzel'

Melania Trump's reputation as an uber-private former first lady doesn't come as a surprise to Stephanie Grisham, who spoke about her minimal time in the office with Donald Trump's wife in her new memoir, "I'll Take Your Questions Now." Detailing how she crossed paths with Melania in an office suite in the White House only "a handful of times" throughout Donald's four-year term, Grisham said the model-turned-political figure was keen on preserving her privacy because she considers alone time as a form of self-care. The author said Melania's self-care regimen not only included quiet moments by herself, but the brunette bombshell also spent many hours sleeping.

"She believed that relaxation was central to one's beauty regimen, as were, of course, spa treatments and facials," Grisham wrote in her new book, according to an excerpt obtained by CNN. Though Melania would attend "in-person meetings" that "generally took place in the Map Room" near her living quarters, she typically "kept to her rooms in the residence," Grisham stated, revealing Secret Service agents referred to her as "Rapunzel," as she "remained in her tower, never descending." The former senior aide joked about Melania's enthusiasm — or lack thereof — to make her presence known in the White House, saying, "Mrs. Trump was working from home long before the country was."