Viewers Are Absolutely Fuming Over The Princess Diana Musical. Here's Why

Princess Diana was one of the most beloved members of the royal family prior to her death in 1997, so it's probably not too surprising to hear the late mom of Prince Harry and Prince William has continued to be a major public figure even after her death.

Diana has been the subject of countless documentaries and books over the years. 2021 brought several new takes on the life and death of the late princess though, as gossip about the royals hit fever pitch when Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, went public with their experiences while senior royals amid ongoing talk of a rift between Harry and his family. One that's particularly captured the nation's attention is "Spencer" — the feature film starring Kristen Stewart as the icon — that got plenty of people talking after a trailer dropped in September ahead of its November release.

But that's not all. In August 2020, Deadline revealed that a musical based on Diana's life, aptly titled "Diana: The Musical," would be hitting Netflix before premiering on Broadway. Well, that day came on October 1, and, well, the keyboard warriors have been out in force sharing their thoughts on the show, which stars Jeanna de Waal as Diana.

It's pretty safe to say that not everyone loved the production — and they weren't afraid to make it known. But why? Keep on scrolling for what you need to know and if streaming the musical is really worth your time.

The 'Diana: The Musical' reviews are scathing

Yikes. Anyone associated with "Diana: The Musical" may want to look away now. Twitter has been flooded with reviews of the production after its Netflix debut, with the majority being overwhelmingly negative.

Viewers really went in on the Princess Diana show, with many calling out its, erm, interesting lyrics. Theatre website All That Dazzles even compiled a list of what they considered the 10 worst lines in the songs, with the top spot going to, "Harry, my ginger-haired son, you'll always be second to none."

Others were quick to call out the questionable accents, with one person tweeting, "WARNING: Diana the Musical features the most offensively bad Welsh accents I've ever heard," while several other tweets pointed out that they thought the show was just plain bad in every sense. "This Diana the most horrific, cringe worthy piece of musical pieces I have ever seen... awful," one scathing tweet read, while another commented, "i cannot stress how awful and perfect the diana musical is. objectively the worst thing i've ever seen. a flawless, stunning, fever dream."

But it wasn't 100% negative. Some social media users actually had praise (albeit minimal) for the show, including a tweeter who wrote, "I watched that musical about Princess Diana. and yes it was cringy. But I don't think it was completely horrible." Another shared they "didn't find it awful in the sense it was unwatchable" and was "definitely worth a watch." Well, grab the popcorn!