The Reason Seth Meyers Thinks Trump Embarrassed Himself

Donald Trump has managed to keep himself in the public eye since leaving office in January. The former president, without his previously reliable Twitter account as his go-to weapon, has done everything to keep his name in the papers and exert his political capital to extend the stretch of his influence. Since June, one of the real estate magnet's primary methods of keeping his voter base has been through a smattering of pro-Trump rallies, despite any official announcement from his camp in declaring a 2024 bid. But according to one late night talk show host, even Trump's post-presidential attempts to drum up support are a much lesser spectacle than Trump or his supporters have made them out to be.

In his first live taping since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Seth Meyers regaled audience members on October 11 with an analysis of Trump's latest rally in Iowa, which took place over the weekend. Specifically, Meyers honed in on a particular aspect which has proven to be a Trump sore spot: attendee numbers. 

Seth Meyers couldn't stop joking about Trump's latest lackluster rally

During the October 11 episode of NBC's "Late Night With Seth Meyers," the fervor audience members embraced the comedian at his first live taping since March 2020 — and Meyers went on to compare it to Donald Trump's reception in Iowa. According to Meyers, the differences between the two were very, very telling.

After disclosing the comedian "was worried about bringing audiences back," Meyers launched into his own critique of Trump's ability to stir up enthusiasm among attendees at his Iowa rally, all of whom who presumably showed up to support the erstwhile president. Zeroing in on Trump, the comedian remarked that Trump appeared to be "waiting for a crowd reaction," but was met with a lackluster response akin to "watching an open mic night at the senior center." Meyers then added that he "[loved] the cutaways to sullen Trump fans just standing there in silence," who appeared to be waiting for Trump to "do something."

As many might recall, there was a big discrepancy about the estimated size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration — making his recent appearance far from the first time his audience has been called out.