The Circle Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Netflix's "The Circle" hooked viewers across America when it premiered on the streaming service in January 2020. The virtual reality competition, which isolated players in rooms in a swanky complex, begged the age-old question: To catfish, or not to catfish? Based on the hit British reality competition, the series was a smash, inspiring international spin-offs as well as a multi-season renewal at Netflix.

Although we've seen a handful of other winners since "The Circle" came into our lives, it's hard to forget the U.S. show's inaugural cast. There was the hilarious Seaburn Williams — who came into The Circle disguised as his girlfriend — and the fabulous Chris Sapphire, who used his platform to talk about gay rights and his upbringing as a queer man. The sassy and sweet Sammie Cimarelli was a delight to watch, alongside anti-social media king Shubham Goel. And who could forget the season's winner: broey Joey Sasso and his good vibes.

But what happened to these players who wormed their way into our hearts for a shot at $100,000 and reality show fame? Circle, tell me where they are now!

Winner Joey Sasso is still all about good vibes

Joey Sasso won the first-ever U.S. version of "The Circle," and if there was any contestant on the show who was born to be a star, it was surely Sasso — and not just because he casually flexed by sharing a candid snap of himself alongside Lady Gaga and Adele during his tenure on the show.

Since his big win, Sasso has continued to use his social media to share his brimming positivity and pieces of his life. By 2021, he had 828K followers on Instagram — where his bio boasts his signature catchphrase, "Family over everything." And he remains close to his "Circle" fam, frequently sharing pics from meet-ups. Sasso still talks to "Circle" bae Miranda Bissonnette, though he told Esquire in 2020 that they're not exactly romantically linked. "We have an amazing friendship that is unlike any relationship I've had with anyone else except my ex-girlfriend, who I've been best friends with since I was a child, so this means so much to me," he said, adding, "The love there is so genuine and real." 

Since snatching the crown, he competed in Netflix's Reality Games, which aired on the streamer's YouTube channel, though Sasso and his "Circle" buddies ultimately lost to the stars of "Too Hot to Handle." He started his own merchandise line called The Sasso Fam Collection, which features hoodies and phone cases boasting phrases like "Broey Joey," and he looked for love on MTV and Pepsi's dating show "Match Me If You Can" in 2021. Also in 2021, Sasso celebrated 10 months of sobriety via Instagram.

Shubham Goel is just as sweet as before

Shubham Goel — or "Shooby" to his fans and friends — entered "The Circle" ready to call out the toxicity and inauthenticities of social media, though by staying true to himself, he made it to the finale and formed genuine bonds with players Joey Sasso and Seaburn Williams. Goel continues to be close with his co-stars, attending the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards with Sammie Cimarelli and Sasso, with whom he regularly shares snaps on his Instagram to over 600K followers. "Since the show came out, I keep checking my social media and I see that red notification with new numbers, and I'm getting addicted myself," he admitted to Time in 2020. "Everything I thought about it is coming true for me."

In 2021, he went into the "Love is Blind" dating pods to film a reality dating competition sketch for Netflix's Instagram stories, and he shares his own sketches and videos about tech on his YouTube channel. The UCLA grad continues to put his mind and heart to good use, delivering the commencement speech for San Diego State University's Class of 2020, as well as a keynote speech in June 2021 for the Happy You conference. According to his LinkedIn, Shubham Goel co-founded a software engineering company and is working toward his master's degree in the same field.

Sammie Cimarelli is a Fenty ambassador

With her wit, charm, and good looks, Samantha Cimarelli (who went by Sammie on "The Circle") found a way to relate to everyone on the show. It's no wonder she made it to the finale and amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram, including Ariana Grande! Cimarelli is living the influencer life, doing brand deals for everything from candy to clothing brands. Notably, she joined forces with Rihanna's fashion empire, becoming an ambassador for the Savage x Fenty lingerie line.

As she shared on Instagram, Cimarelli earned her master's degree and was working to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst after taking time off to film the show. She's currently based in Los Angeles and follows the rapid changes of the entertainment industry; the star launched a podcast dedicated to streaming television called "The Stream Queens" alongside "Circle" alums Courtney Revolution and Savannah Palacio in 2021.

Don't expect her to dip her toes back into the reality TV world anytime soon, though. In 2020, she told Screen Rant that she looked at "The Circle" like "a game show" and "never thought about being on a reality television show." "I feel like those shows bring out the worst in people and 'The Circle' has brought out the best in me, so I don't think I would want to go against that."

Chris Sapphire is still very close to The Circle

Chris Sapphire was a sparkling beacon of joy, optimism, and fabulousness with his entrance in "The Circle." Although he didn't take home the grand prize, he's certainly used the reality show clout to take up his sparkle. With nearly 600K followers on Instagram, he's used his platform to show support for causes including Black Lives Matter, Britney Spears and the legal battle surrounding her conservatorship, and queer youth, making appearances at Dallas Pride and other events. Sapphire has channeled his inner influencer, candidly sharing his experiences with body sculpting, as well as becoming an ambassador for Manscaped, and he launched his own merchandise line featuring his go-to occupation on "The Circle": "Hood Spiritualist Hustler."

Sapphire is managed by The Upreach Agency, according to his Instagram, and remains close to his Circle fam, as well as Netflix. Before his time in The Circle, he appeared in pal and "Drag Race" alum Alyssa Edwards' dance docuseries, "Dancing Queen." After breaking into the reality genre, he hosted a post-show series called "Extra Circle," interviewing players who exited the show during its third season: "If you want all the details on 'The Circle' Season 3's alliances, gossip, and catfish, then you're in the right place," Sapphire advertised. In October 2021, he scored his first magazine cover at Style Cruze, celebrating the news by writing on Instagram, "Look, mom! I'm now a covergirl!"

Seaburn Williams is living the single life

Seaburn Williams was the catfish who made it the furthest on "The Circle" Season 1, tricking players into believing he was his then-girlfriend, "Rebecca." Unfortunately, Williams and his girlfriend (actually named Sami Denis) split shortly after he was cast on the show, and he told S'More Date on Instagram that their relationship "ended due to a lot of different elements" in the public eye, though he considers her to be a "remarkable individual."

Williams continues to create content on Instagram and TikTok, where he has over 300K and 68.5K (and counting) followers, respectively. He uses his platform to spread positivity and joy, sharing messages with fans on Cameo — and potentially on stage. Although he's been slow to launch any new projects, the sky's the limit for Seaburn Williams.

"I'm about to be one of the top actors in Hollywood," he wrote on Twitter in August 2021, adding that he was starting a radio show "but also I'm back in school so get ready for an even better actor..." In October of that year, he revealed on Twitter that he had booked his first-ever standup show. Perhaps "The Circle's" resident clown isn't done making us laugh just yet.

Ed and Tammy Eason's Circle journey continued

Ed Eason pulled a fast one on the world when he joined "The Circle" as himself, but with a twist: his mother, Tammy Eason, was playing alongside him to help aid his feminine appeal. Although this mother-son duo did not make it far on "The Circle" Season 1, their journey was far from over after they got voted out. Ed's brother, Mitchell Eason, competed on "The Circle" Season 2 and made it quite a bit farther than his family, placing seventh.

Since appearing on the show, Ed and Tammy have stayed busy. Ed competed on Season 37 of MTV's competition series "The Challenge" in August 2021, marking the first time a contestant from "The Circle" had appeared on the game show. He's even dabbled in music, releasing a rap video titled "Yahmmie" in 2019. According to his Instagram, he's dating beautician Miranda Mey

Tammy Eason is living her best life. She regularly posts content on Instagram with her nearly 16K followers, promoting both her sons' projects and sharing snaps with other "The Circle" contestants. According to her Twitter, she still works as a realtor in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, but it seems like her biggest focus is on being the best mom. "Time is the most precious gift you can give to loved ones," she wrote alongside a pic of her and her sons. Aww!

Sean Taylor promotes body positivity

Sean Taylor is a plus-size fashion influencer IRL, but she chose to enter "The Circle" as a catfish, using pictures of her friend Colleen while keeping the same personality. Though she's comfortable with who she is, she began the competition as someone else because of "the hate and harassment plus-size individuals receive online simply for existing," as Fashion magazine put it. 

Unfortunately, Taylor received a lot of social media backlash after the show's premiere, but she's taking it in stride. "The decision [to catfish] really came down to the fact that I thought I could make a bigger impact by really focusing on the side of body positivity that people don't want to talk about," she said. "Of course, body positivity is about loving yourself, but I think it's also about challenging systems and situations that make it next to impossible for people to love themselves."

Since the show's conclusion, she's continued living the fashion influencer life, serving as an ambassador for various clothing brands, as well as documenting her move from New York to Richmond, Virginia, alongside her boyfriend. They share an adorable Frenchie puppy named Burger, who, of course, has an Instagram account of his own.

Alex Lake is still close to his Circle fam

An unabashed nerd, Alex Lake joined "The Circle" as Adam, a sexy 27-year-old who was ready to flirt with the ladies... but that didn't pan out so well for him. Still, he's got nothing but love for his "Circle" people. Lake resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Gina Röckenwagner. According to Instagram, the two had their second wedding anniversary in June 2021. He's still just as in love with his beautiful wife and their two cats, Paloma and Blooper.

The reality star "is a multidisciplinary artist focused on film as film on film as art," per his website. He regularly attends cast meet-ups with "The Circle" alumni, new and old, and has nothing love but love for the show that brought him viral fame. "As always, @castthecircleus really knows what they are doing when it comes to rounding up the absolutely stunning players for the game," he wrote on Instagram in May 2021.

Bill Cranley is an actor on the go

Bill Cranley might not have lasted long in "The Circle," but he made quite the impact. Although he spoke about working in the auto industry on the show, he told the Chicago Tribune in 2020 that he quit that after his time on the show to focus on acting and modeling. As a contestant who was brought into the game later, he admitted that he "felt like [he] didn't get a chance to talk to the players. And that the whole cast was already set in stone and stayed to themselves. When there was a blocking, they weren't going to pick each other because of what happened in the past few days before," he explained.

Since his time on the show, Cranley has appeared in an episode of "Chicago P.D." and toured with the band Mt. Joy along the west coast, according to his Instagram. Most importantly, he outgrew his horse allergy. "Hope this gave everyone inspiration to go out and do what the naysayers say isn't possible, doctors included," he joked on Instagram.

Miranda Bissonnette is a blonde bombshell

One contestant might not have taken home the grand prize on "The Circle," but she certainly made a mark. Although Miranda Bissonnette flirted hard with Joey Sasso — and they even shared a smooch before her departure — the two are just friends. "She has a life in Tahoe; I have a life in LA, but we see each other all the time. We talk all the time," Sasso explained to Esquire. Bissonnette even rocked one of Sasso's "Family Over Everything" hoodies in a Instagram post. She also remains in touch with the rest of her "Circle" community, telling her houseguest Chris Sapphire, "My home is open to you anytime baby" in a sweet tweet.

Since her tenure on the show, Bissonnette is rocking a blonde 'do and working hard as a model. She's with the agency Moxy Management, according to their website, and she regularly documents her work on Instagram and TikTok with her 446K and 849K (and counting) followers, respectively.

Karyn Blanco is 'The Silent Celeb'

Karyn Blanco entered "The Circle" as Mercedeze, and even though she didn't take the crown, she's thriving. Under her stage name, The Silent Celeb, Blanco has been releasing R&B tracks including "Thank God," "Do for Love" and "Funny" since 2018. The nickname, she told GO Mag, came from her club days when she was allowed to skip the line, teaching her the power of being "the person in the crowd no one ever notices but [who] has the most pull." Since her time on the show, Blanco has done collaborations with the streetwear line Rumors of War, and she still lives in the Bronx.

"The Circle" remains very close to Blanco's heart, and she regularly shares pics from meet-ups with new "Circle" family members, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community. Speaking of which, she's used her newfound platform to be an activist, speaking out about queer rights at GO Mag's panel on queer representation for Pride Month in 2020, as well as sharing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. "I have so many DMs of people telling me that I opened up a conversation in their home that they needed to have, that it was overwhelming for me the first month of the show," she told GO. "I was really a crybaby every day because there's so many people that I was speaking to that went through what I went through."

Antonio DePina is a full-time entrepreneur

Even though Antonio DePina didn't make it far in "The Circle," his star is certainly looking up. He has played basketball since high school, which reportedly led him to the NBA draft in 2018. Although he didn't make it, he joined Portuguese basketball team Electrico F.C. before his time on the reality competition. Since his "Circle" days, he's transformed his love of the game into a business.

According to his Instagram, where he has 150K followers, DePina founded the Cabo Verde Basketball League as well as his own mobile basketball app, Overseas Basketball, which helps African players get signed and connects fans with pro teams across the world. In 2021, he was named one of Forbes Africa's 30 Under 30. All his past experiences have led him to where he is today. "During my time playing basketball, I learned a lot and noticed a few things which had been the status quo with overseas basketball recruiting, therefore, I was able to create a solution," he told Forbes.

Alana Duval is living her best life

Alana Duval might have been the first contestant to be blocked on "The Circle," but it looks like she is right where she wants to be. Duval is a model who spends her time traveling across the world — her Twitter bio notes her Mexicana heritage and lists her locations as Texas, Miami, and Los Angeles. She is affiliated with Moxy Management and Aston Models.

Duval has 171K followers on Instagram. "The Circle" wasn't her first stint on reality television, either. She competed on Season 2 of Naomi Campbell's modeling series "The Face" on Oxygen in 2013. Her bio during the series (per E!) said, "With a larger-than-life personality and flair for the dramatic, Alana always has a smile on her face and loves to make people laugh. A former track star, she gave up multiple scholarships to pursue her dream of being a model."

Regardless of where she goes, it seems she's enjoying the ride. "It's definitely been a crazy trip around the sun," she wrote in an Instagram post for her birthday in July 2021. "I'm so blessed to have you all follow this wild ride of mine."