Everything We Know About Donald Trump's New Social Media Platform

From the very beginning of Donald Trump's multiple permanent suspensions across almost every major social media platform, the former commander-in-chief has made it a point to occasionally toss out the idea that he will create his own app. The previous incarnation of this vision was called GETTR (via Politico) and headed by his senior aide Jason Miller. Yet, it seemingly flopped after its July launch, per Slate, the site was, as the outlet wrote "almost immediately overrun by ... white supremacists." Now, it appears Trump is sticking to his circumnavigational strategy back to the land of feuds, posts, and DMs. And it's happening much sooner than you think.

As ABC News reported on October 21, the Trump camp released a statement declaring the formation and upcoming launch of another social media platform connected directly to the former president through the Trump Media and Technology Group. (The statement also announced the "merger to form a new company," per ABC, between the Trump Media the NASDAQ-listed Digital World Acquisition Group.) So what's the deal with Trump's new project? What app is he gearing up to launch now, and will it fare better than its predecessors?

Trump's new app is called TRUTH Social

According to ABC News, Donald Trump has announced his new new app, called TRUTH Social.  Trump expanded on his vision in a press release, with the release announcing it would be "a rival to the liberal media consortium." Trump added, "We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced." As ABC wrote, "A beta version will be available to invited guests in November." So mark your calendars for that.

As Insider noted, security blind spots and faults were easily sniffed out by casual internet users within hours of the announcement. Users were able to make accounts for Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, with the handles @donaldtrump and @mikepence, respectively. TRUTH, which is, as previously mentioned, currently in beta site mode, was then taken offline, per Insider. So let's not hold our breaths for a November drop after all. 

However, according to another Insider piece published only a day before the TRUTH social media press release, experts indicated that Trump's beloved method of communication might not, in the end, be entirely important for a 2024 bid. "Trump doesn't have to tweet something or post something on Facebook to effectively use both platforms as the conveyance belt to frame the discussion and the narrative ..." Republican strategist Steve Schmidt remarked to Insider. Time will only tell if TRUTH Social has legs.