Why Is Olivia Munn Having Such A Stressful Pregnancy?

Olivia Munn is once again proving that celebrities are just like the rest of us! While the actor has dated the likes of NFL star Aaron Rodgers and Chris Pine, she still is one of those celebrities who is down to earth and tells it like it is, and for that, we have to give her mad props. Munn has done her best to keep her most recent romance with John Mulaney on the DL, but in September, Mulaney surprised the world by announcing that he and Munn were expecting their first child together.

Mulaney shared with the late-night host Seth Myers that it was a whirlwind year from moving out of the home he shared with his ex-wife to completing rehab and then dating a beautiful woman named Olivia. "And we're having a baby together. I was nervous when I was about to say the news!" he confessed. "Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself in this early journey out of recovery." Cue happy tears.

In turn, Munn has not shied away from sharing how excited she is to be a mom. "Justine and I had a long conversation about this the other day, honestly, I'm just excited about meeting whoever it is, and bringing a little person into this world," she told Entertainment Tonight of her conversation with Justine Bateman (Jason Bateman's sister). So sweet! 

However, not everything has been easy. Keep scrolling for more on what Munn has struggled with during pregnancy.

Inside Olivia Munn's pregnancy battle

Pregnancy is hardly a walk in the park for anyone, let alone someone in the public eye. Like many of her predecessors, Olivia Munn has been candid about pregnancy and how it's been super stressful. In an interview with "Pop Culture Spotlight With Jessica Shaw," Munn spilled the beans, divulging a range of things about pregnancy that have caused her much stress. One of Munn's biggest struggles is feeling like she may mess things up as a mom. "It's already hard enough to feel like you're not good enough and you can't forgive yourself for things, and the world doesn't let you forgive yourself for things and that no matter how much you progress or grow or change," she shared about her anxieties. "Even if the world wants to beat you down, it's actually easier because I have still been beating myself down for this thing that I did 15 or 20 years ago." Munn also went on to point out a few situations from her past that she still cringes about. 

The actor also shared how even maternity wear has been difficult. "It's just so hard because I will Google search streetwear maternity, and a lot of it comes up with these gorgeous women who are super skinny, and have this little bump, and everything is effortless," she dished. Munn has spoken up about her body and insecurities in the past, but she's making it clear that she's rocking this pregnancy, and doing it her way.