Did Derick Dillard Just Take A Shot At Jim Bob Duggar's Senate Campaign?

If Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard criticized his father-in-law, it wouldn't be the first time! Papa Duggar and Derick have a feud that started after the couple left the Duggar spin-off show "Counting On" in 2017. The split came around the time Derick made offensive comments about fellow TLC star and transgender activist Jazz Jennings, and although the network never said the couple was fired from the show, it was clear there was no love lost. TLC stated it "no plans to feature him in the future," while Derick claimed via Twitter in 2019 the platform "begged" him and Jill not to go.

Then in June 2020, the ex-reality star dropped a big bomb. Derick claimed he and Jill were not paid for their work on TLC's "Counting On." In addition to working for free, Derick told The Sun he was "not allowed" to talk to TLC about payments, causing further tension with Jill's dad. "We were strongly discouraged from talking to other family members about payment or lack thereof," Derick claimed. After he went public about the lack of payment, Jim Bob "banned" the couple and their sons from the Duggar compound. While Derick may have exposed contract issues with Jim Bob, that's not all he had to say. It seems that Derick may have taken a shot at his father-in-law's senate campaign.

Derick Dillard had feelings about Jim Bob Duggar's political announcement

Derick Dillard may have shown his real feelings about Jim Bob Duggar's decision to run for state senate in a subtle way. Derick left a comment on an Instagram post that KNWA News made about Jim Bob's campaign in the form of a question face emoji! Clearly, Derick has some questions about the decision, and he wasn't the only one who questioned the launch of a political campaign in the midst of the upcoming trial of Jim Bob's oldest son Josh. "I know it's Halloween, but this is scary AF," another commenter wrote. "Can't wait for all the skeletons from his closet to come to the surface... oh wait..." one more piled on.

This wasn't the first time Derick used social media — as opposed to TV and papers — to criticize his father-in-law. Derick talked about the fight to get "Counting On" earnings on the Dillard Family Official YouTube channel in a September 30, 2020 video, saying that after getting an attorney involved, "It probably ended up being a little more than minimum wage, at most. But we were able to recover at least something." In addition, Jill revealed to People in October 2020 that they didn't get paid for "Counting On" work until they hired an attorney, saying it was "a process" to get paid. Yikes. Sounds like we know at least two votes Jim Bob won't be getting.