What Prince Charles Told Joe Biden About The Queen

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) currently underway, Prince Charles is getting candid about his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Kicking off the 12-day conference is a two-day special known as the World Leaders Summit, which saw attendance from President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and more.

As the World Leaders Summit came to a close, the conference ultimately saw a meeting of the minds with some of the world's most powerful heads of state. The gathering of such influential figures denotes a major undertaking in the battle against climate change, a pressing environmental issue that is now coming to a head. Furthermore, the conference also saw the attendance of Prince Charles, an ardent environmental activist and advocate for better climate-related practices.

Notably absent from COP26, however, is Queen Elizabeth. The queen's absence comes after doctors advised her to rest for two weeks, following an overnight stay in the hospital for "preliminary investigations." Representing the royal family instead was son Charles, who mingled with society's upper political echelon and even spoke to Biden regarding the queen. Here's what Prince Charles had to say.

Prince Charles told Joe Biden that Queen Elizabeth was 'disappointed' that she couldn't attend

There's no such thing as an off day when you're the Queen of England. For nearly 70 years in power, Queen Elizabeth II has overseen the rule of over 50 nations in the Commonwealth and has spearheaded the royal family into unparalleled success. However, with the queen quickly approaching centenarian status, her health has quite certainly fallen into question. After an overnight hospital stay and using a walking cane, devotees have quickly become concerned over Queen Elizabeth's health.

Doctors have since advised the queen to rest at the Windsor estate for two weeks to heal up. As a result, the queen was forced to miss the COP26 climate summit, with Prince Charles representing the royal family in stride. In fact, while talking to President Joe Biden, Charles told the president that Queen Elizabeth was "very disappointed not to come," ITV's Chris Ship shared in a video. Charles followed up, telling the president, "You are kind to ask after her."

Despite concerns over Queen Elizabeth's health, the queen certainly did put the public's mind at ease when she was spotted driving around Windsor estate — sunglasses and floral headscarf in tow. She is currently set to resume public duties on Remembrance Sunday, come November 14.