Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker's Blended Family Explained

During the early days of their reality show, the Kardashians marketed themselves as a "modern-day 'Brady Bunch.'" The famous '70s sitcom featured a dad with three sons and a mom with three daughters getting married to form one big, blended brood. And "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" carried on the TV tradition: parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner brought a combined eight kids to the table from their respective previous marriages. Their youngest daughters together, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, rounded out the large family.

Now that Kris' eldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian is engaged to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, she's carrying the torch of the "Brady Bunch" as an adult. Kardashian has four children with former partner Scott Disick, while Barker has two kids with ex Shanna Moakler and continues stepdad duties for Atiana De La Hoya, Moakler's daughter with Oscar De La Hoya. When the duo walk down the aisle, that makes a nine-person family between Kardashian, Barker, and all the kids.

It's a lot to keep track of — and Kardashian and Barker haven't even had any kids together yet! Here's how to make sense of the next big blended Calabasas clan.

Travis' first marriage to Melissa Kennedy didn't yield any children

Travis Barker has dated his fair share of famous women, including Paris Hilton, Rita Ora and Shanna Moakler, per The Sun. But few people realize that former Miss USA runner-up Moakler wasn't actually Travis Barker's first wife. Instead, that title goes to Melissa Kennedy, a private person about whom little is known.

Kennedy and Barker reportedly got married in September 2001, but divorce bells were ringing soon after: they called it quits in August 2002. Kennedy reportedly appeared in the documentaries "Blink 182: The Urethra Chronicles" and "Blink 182: The Urethra Chronicles II: Harder, Faster. Faster, Harder."

The two didn't have any kids together, but Barker's first child with Moakler, Landon Asher Barker, was born in October 2003, a little over a year after his divorce from Kennedy. Considering Barker's penchant for sharing details about his star-studded love life with the public, his relationship with Kennedy was totally out of character for him.

He became step-father to Shanna Moakler's child from a previous marriage

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler tied the knot with a "Nightmare Before Christmas"-themed wedding in 2004, according to Cosmopolitan, so there's one theme he wouldn't be able to use at his nuptials with Kourtney Kardashian. When they got married, Moakler already had a daughter named Atiana with her ex, Oscar de La Hoya.

Atiana De La Hoya, now in her 20s, was only five when her mom married Barker, so she's grown up with him as a stepdad. She frequently attends events with Barker and his other children and even posted a Father's Day shoutout to both him and her biological dad on Instagram. "Happy Father's Day @travisbarker!" she wrote in the post for Barker. "Thank you for always putting us first and being there for me no matter what ♥️ love you so much."

She also seems to be a fan of Kourtney Kardashian already. When Kardashian and Megan Fox starred in a steamy photo shoot for Kim Kardashian's shapewear and loungewear brand Skims, De La Hoya commented "HOTHOTHOT," per Page Six. Barker and Kardashian also supported De La Hoya's first-ever magazine cover shoot, with Kardashian commenting, "INSANE" on the Instagram post.

Landon Asher Barker is Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler's first child together

The ink on Travis Barker and Melissa Kennedy's divorce papers was barely dry when Barker and Shanna Moakler welcomed their son Landon Asher Barker in October 2003. Landon appeared on their reality show "Meet the Barkers" as a tot. As a young adult, he seems to enjoy being in the public eye. Per IMDb, Landon was in Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun's "Downfalls High" film, and he has released music of his own.

Landon has publicly quibbled with his mom. A TikTok commenter called Landon and his sister (Alabama Barker) "two pieces of trash" (via InTouch), and accused them of siding with their dad over Moakler because of Travis' house. Landon responded, "Actually, if you weren't such a dumba**, you would realize our mom has never been in our lives and isn't in our lives like our dad is." Ouch.

His attitude toward his future stepmom seems sunnier. Landon posted a photo with Kourtney Kardashian's youngest son Reign on Instagram in April 2021 and made headlines with a celebratory TikTok after Travis' engagement to Kardashian. The clip showed Travis and Kardashian hugging shortly after he popped the question. Landon included text in the video saying, "So happy for me and my new family!" Fans noticed a cameraman in the background, so speculation is rife that the Barkers are returning to TV on the Kardashians' new Hulu show.

Alabama Luella Barker rounded out the Moakler-Barker brood

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler finished their family with Alabama Luella Barker, born in 2005. Alabama, now a teenager, is named after the main character in the film "True Romance," according to Us Weekly, and Moakler walked down the aisle to a song from the movie. She must've had some serious deja vu when she saw Travis and Kourtney Kardashian's 2021 "True Romance"-inspired Halloween costumes.

Alabama seems to be a fan of her stepmom-to-be, having appeared in a jokey TikTok with Kardashian on her brother's account. She's a prolific Instagrammer herself, having gained fans with cute daddy-daughter posts on her Instagram account, including the time she covered Travis' numerous tattoos with makeup in a video partnership post for KVD Beauty. Alabama has been building her social media presence since amassing 75,000 followers at just nine years old. Travis joked to ET at the time that he would "watch for creeps" online, adding, "I go to the shooting range."

Travis stuck up for his daughter in 2019 when a 20-year-old drummer continued sending the then-13-year-old direct messages on social media. Travis told The Blast that the musician's "predatory behavior" was "disgusting." He's there for his kids and watches out for them.

He invited reality TV cameras into his family's home even before the Kardashians did

On the cover of Cosmopolitan in November 2015, the Kardashians were dubbed "America's Family" and given "16 Pages!" for their reality TV status. But the Barkers actually beat them to the punch. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler invited MTV cameras into their home for "Meet the Barkers," which ran for two seasons in 2005 and 2006. "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" wouldn't hit the airwaves until 2007.

On "Meet the Barkers," fans watched Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler having Thanksgiving dinner, partying, and parenting, per MTV. "But be prepared because these aren't your average newlyweds," the outlet wrote. "From the first moment they appear onscreen we'll see just how free spirited and over-the-top Travis and Shanna really are." Barker and Moakler both suggested in his memoir that the show may have contributed to the downfall of their relationship (via Radar).

The MTV series ended on a high note with its finale centering around Alabama's birth. But after the cameras went away, some serious fighting began — much of it via MySpace. After Moakler supposedly made comments of her own, Barker allegedly wrote in a MySpace post that Moakler would sleep until 2 p.m., and their kids called their nanny "mommy" (via TMZ). He indirectly accused Moakler of cheating. She hit back with a statement to TMZ saying, "If that MySpace site was truly created by Travis then I'm ​​seriously concerned for his mental well being. ... For the sake of our children I hope that he seeks professional help." MTV must have seriously regretted canceling "Meet the Barkers" before this drama occurred.

His daughter Alabama may have 'cut off' mom Shanna Moakler

The Barkers seemed like a united front on their MTV show. Even post-divorce, both Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have explained that peaceful co-parenting is their top priority. But when Barker's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian went public, Us Weekly reported that their co-parenting situation had "hit rock bottom."

And it seems Moakler's relationship with her daughter wasn't going well, either. Alabama Barker, 15, posted a cryptic TikTok with the caption, "I cut off family too. They do you the dirtiest" (via the Daily Mail). At the time, Alabama was no longer following Moakler on Instagram, although she continued to follow Travis, and her mom continued following Alabama at the time. Alabama wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, "My mom has never completely been in my life. Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom?" She also said, "Did your moms ask to see you on Mother's Day [because] mine didn't? I'm done keeping it a secret, reality shows" (via the Daily Mail).

Alabama seemed happy to see her dad and Kardashian getting engaged in October 2021. She commented under Kardashian's post announcing the engagement, "Love u guys," per the Daily Mail. It's unclear where Moakler and Alabama stand now, but Moakler got sassy with a follower after Travis Barker and Kardashian's official engagement. The fan commented on one of Moakler's IG posts, "How does it feel your children will be in Hollywood Royalty now. Kardashians run LA." Moakler responded, "I'm their mother they were royalty long before..." 

Kourtney Kardashian had an on-off relationship with Scott Disick for over a decade

Travis Barker's fiancée is no stranger to bumpy relationships with her kids' other parent. Kourtney Kardashian introduced Scott Disick to audiences in the first season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in 2007. Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, seemed to think Disick was too young to settle down, but that didn't stop the couple from having a baby together by the end of the show's fourth season.

Kardashian and Disick's tumultuous relationship was documented not just on "Keeping Up," but also on spin-offs such as "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" and "Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons." Disick was often cast as the show's de facto villain, perhaps most memorably when he shoved a one-hundred-dollar bill in a waiter's mouth and got caught bringing another woman on a Kardashian vacation.

The couple finally ended it for good in 2015, but they were still talking about having a fourth baby in the final season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," per PeopleKardashian has confirmed that Disick's substance abuse issues were the main thing that kept them apart. Once she became engaged to Travis Barker, Disick was allegedly "stewing," per ET. Considering he also got caught allegedly DMing Kardashian's other ex, Younes Bendjima, about Kardashian and Barker, it's safe to assume the drama between these two exes is may not be over.

Their first child, Mason Dash Disick, was born on TV

The Kardashians are known for their public marriages, pregnancies and births, and Mason Dash Disick was the one who started it all. Mason was Kris Jenner's first biological grandchild, and mom Kourtney Kardashian literally pulled him out of her birth canal on camera during the fourth season finale of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

From there, Mason appeared on every season of the show until its final episode in June 2021, as well as a few spin-offs. He seems to be following in his parents' limelight-loving footsteps with his prolific TikTok account. In fact, he was in hot water in 2020 when he went live on TikTok and announced that his aunt Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott weren't back together, and he had to delete his first TikTok because he was "too young," per Cosmopolitan.

Mason made his triumphant return to TikTok by posting a video with none other than Landon Barker, his future step-brother, in May 2020, per The Mirror. It would be another year before Mason's mom and Landon's dad made their relationship public, but the boys' joint TikTok appearance proves these two families have been close for a while.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's daughter Penelope is known for her sassy persona

Penelope Scotland Disick is Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's second child and only daughter. Known to the family as "P," she was born in 2012 and also grew up having her family life broadcast on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Disick has posted on Instagram that Penelope's birth "changed my life forever," and called her "my life my love my everything" in a birthday shoutout.

Penelope is known for palling around with her cousin, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's daughter North West. The cousins made headlines by starting their own lemonade stand in August 2021.

Penelope and future-stepdad Travis Barker seem to be cementing their bond, as Travis gifted her with a personalized drum set for her ninth birthday, according to E!. Kardashian and Barker also took their daughters out to a Halloween event in October 2021, per E!, and Barker was seen giving Penelope a lift on his shoulders.

Their youngest son Reign rounded out the family

Reign Aston Disick is Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's youngest child. He was born in 2014, the year before his parents split up. Reign shares a birthday with his brother Mason. Kardashian penned a sweet tribute to her youngest on Instagram, writing, "My silly baby is 5 years old today. Life has so much more meaning with this wild, sensitive boy who has shown me the world through such different eyes" (via Us Weekly).

Kardashian has dealt with parent-shamers due to her choice to let Reign grow his hair long for years. One person commented under a photo of Reign, "she really need to cut his hair" (via ET Canada). Kardashian quickly wrote back, "She really need to not worry about kids that aren't her own. He is a happy boy."

While Reign used to be known for his long locks, Kardashian buzzed his hair off in 2020 after letting him rock a mohawk for a hot minute, as documented by Allure. Even though his hair is now short, he's still long on personality. Reign made headlines when he demanded candy on "Ellen" in 2019 and yelled out, "I'm a zombie!" Looks like he inherited his dad's jokester gene.

The Disick kids are accustomed to hanging out with their parents' new partners

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's children have actually known Travis Barker for a while because both families lived near each other in Calabasas, according to Page Six, and Barker has already been spotted with the Disick kids multiple times.

It turns out this is par for the course for the Disicks, who've met their parents' new flames time and time again. Amelia Hamlin was said to be "embracing" life with the children when she dated their father, per E!. And Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima became so close to her kids, he even attended her son Reign Disick's fifth birthday party and gave him a present after he and Kardashian had already parted ways, per People.

And Disick's former girlfriend Sofia Richie was known to vacation with the whole family — even Kardashian. Richie visited Aspen with Disick, Kardashian, and their kids, as reported by The Daily Mail. Richie also tagged along on a family trip to Finland, and cameras caught a slightly awkward encounter between the two exes in a hot tub, People reports. Maybe it all works better when the new partners tag along and the exes stay home...

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are committed to co-parenting despite their differences

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's on-off relationship drama sustained "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and its various spin-offs season after season while the show aired on E!. But despite their romantic differences, the two always remained steadfast in their dedication to being good parents.

The two of them didn't even mind spending time together during pandemic lockdowns, insisting the closeness made them stronger, per HollywoodLife. The parents reportedly have a relaxed agreement in place, with the kids deciding whose house to stay at whenever they want.

Disick claimed Sofia Richie asked him to choose between her and Kardashian, and he said he couldn't do that. "Yeah, like, I need to be with somebody that I trust with all my heart," he said on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians (via People). "I trust Kourtney with my life." He also said, "I'm never going to give up my relationship with Kourtney and the co-parenting we have. Nothing in a million years will be worth what we have."

Travis' ex keeps beefing with Kourtney

Things are not as cozy between Travis Barker and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler. After their kids wished Barker and Kourtney Kardashian well in response to their engagement, Moakler reportedly removed images of them from her Instagram feed (per BuzzFeed). A Reddit user first noticed the missing images, although older pics of her offspring remained on Moakler's feed.

When Barker and Kardashian went public with their relationship in May 2021, Moakler accused them of alienating her from her children, telling TMZ, "​​My family is broken because of this family and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me." (Moakler was implying that Barker had hooked up with his fiancée's older sister Kim Kardashian years ago, but Kim denied this, according to BuzzFeed.)

Even after drama and apparent distance from their mom, in August 2021, the Barker children had reportedly re-followed Shanna Moakler on Instagram (per Life & Style), so there's a chance they've all kissed and made up.

Changes are in store for the blended brood

Since his 2015 breakup with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick has become infamous for dating younger and younger women. His relationship with Sofia Richie fizzled in 2020 after three years because Richie thought he was putting Kardashian over her. He began dating Amelia Hamlin when she was just 19, per the Daily Mail. In fact, he allegedly had to persuade a bouncer to let her into a club for her 20th birthday because she was underage, the Mail reported.

That relationship ended after Disick was caught allegedly DMing Kardashian's ex, Younes Bendjima, to complain about her PDA with Travis Barker, with Hamlin's mom Lisa Rinna confirming that the messages were a factor in the breakup.

While Disick is seemingly single, Kardashian and Barker are getting ready to tie the knot. And it seems all three might finally be at peace, with Disick commenting positively on Kardashian's cute IG post of Penelope as Cher Horowitz from "Clueless" for Halloween. Shanna Moakler, meanwhile, remains publicly annoyed, replying to fans on Instagram that Kardashian and Barker's "True Romance"-inspired costumes were "like an episode of punk'd" for her, adding in another comment that the whole thing was "beyond embarrassing" because Moakler and Barker bonded over "True Romance" and incorporated the film into their wedding day (via Cosmopolitan). You can't please everyone. But three out of four exes getting along isn't bad.