What Did Morgan Wallen Say After His CMA Loss?

Morgan Wallen has been one of the biggest names in country music over the last year — but for all the wrong reasons. It all began back in October 2020 when Wallen was dropped as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" after a video came out of him partying while maskless. He was given another chance a few months later, but the final nail in Wallen's coffin came in February when TMZ published a video of the singer using the N-word. The backlash was swift; according to the New York Post, Wallen's agency dropped him, the ACM and CMA both banned him from their award shows (he was later banned from the Billboard Music Awards too), and his record label suspended his contract, though they reneged a few months later.

Although Wallen was banned from the CMA Awards, his album "Dangerous" was still nominated for Album of the Year, per the New York Post. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he did not win the award — but he did have a message for his fans following the loss.

Morgan Wallen will continue to 'thank the Lord' for his blessings

Although Morgan Wallen's "Dangerous" was the best-selling album nominated for Album of the Year at the 2021 CMA Awards, he ultimately lost the nod to Chris Stapleton's "Starting Over," the New York Post reports. Minutes later, Wallen addressed his fans via Twitter. "I wake up every morning and thank the Lord for my blessings," he wrote. "Tomorrow will be no different. I love y'all." While he is clearly trying to express that he won't be losing any sleep over losing this award, the timing of the tweet is a bit suspicious.

Nonetheless, Wallen's fans appeared to have his back, sending nothing but love and support in his direction. "We love you!" wrote one fan. Another pointed out how outspoken Wallen's fans were at the ceremony despite all the controversy. "Loudest moment was when they mentioned your nomination," they wrote.

This wasn't the first time his fans have jumped to his defense. In April when Wallen was banned from the ACM Awards, his fans put up billboards in his support, with one telling Country Now that their goal was to "'Wallen-Paper' Nashville." The fan said they were "trying to 'right the wrong' of cancel culture," of which they believed Wallen was an unfair target.