Donald Trump Jr.'s Bizarre Video Of His Father Dancing Is Raising Eyebrows

Donald Trump Jr. is an expert social media troll; he loves to create controversy online. But on Thanksgiving Day, Don Jr. posted a bizarre video of his father that caused many to mock the eldest Trump sibling. Don Jr. isn't known for being subtle. After all, he did sell t-shirts to heckle Alec Baldwin's after the accidental shooting on the "Rust" movie set. The attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse even called Don Jr. an "idiot" after the 45th president's son supported an effort to reward the teenager with an automatic weapon.

But the reality is that Don Jr. is "seen by many as the heir apparent to the 'Make America Great Again' (MAGA) movement," per The Guardian. The former president and his oldest son share a similar temperament. Don Jr. is the most conservative Trump sibling. Posting videos and getting under people's skin is one of the reasons his dad, former President Donald Trump, has promoted his son. In April, CNN reported that Don Jr. was now the ex-president's "top advisor." In 2019, The Atlantic reported, "Ivanka was always Trump's favorite," but "Don Jr. is emerging as his natural successor." But you might be surprised by the bizarre video Don Jr. posted of his father dancing to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Donald Trump dances out of a Thanksgiving turkey in viral video

Donald Trump Jr. posted a bizarre edited video of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" that showed his dad, Donald Trump, dancing out of a Thanksgiving turkey. The ex-president's son posted the video clip to Twitter and Instagram on Thanksgiving Day, with the message, "You're welcome." In the video, former President Trump dances out of the turkey to the Village People's "YMCA," a favorite song used during his 2020 re-election campaign. But the former president wasn't the only famous face in the doctored video.

The heavily edited video also featured many of Trump's favorite targets, including President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Rep. Adam Schiff, who are superimposed over the "Christmas Vacation" movie clip, sitting around the table.

Don Jr. was mocked for the strange video on social media. One Twitter user replied, "The turkey inside the turkey!" Another Twitter user quipped, "The comedy here is that you're sharing this unironically." Others hit back at the ex-president's son for taking the time to make the video while President Biden was helping others. "Bidens serve Thanksgiving meals to service members, families at Fort Bragg on Monday," another commenter added. "Where were you jr?"