Jennifer Garner's Daughter Is Her Twin

"13 Going On 30" star Jennifer Garner is the proud mom of three kids. The actor shares son Samuel, 9, and daughters Violet, 15, and Seraphina, 12, with fellow Hollywood A-lister and ex-husband Ben Affleck.

While this particular Bennifer marriage didn't work out, Garner and Affleck's relationship has come to be a positive one as co-parents. In fact, despite the messy split that made headlines back in 2015, it's clear that the former couple has a lot of respect for one another as parents. "When our kids get married, we'll dance [together], I know that now," Garner said of her ex in a March interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "We'll boogaloo and have a great time. I don't worry about that anymore." 

Now that all things seem copasetic in the family, fans are noticing something about one of Garner and Affleck's kids in particular — particularly, her striking resemblance to the "Juno" actor.

Violet Affleck is Jennifer Garner's mini-me

Jennifer Garner's children have all grown up in the public eye. It was always expected that all of Garner and Affleck's kids would inherit their parents' red carpet good looks, but fans noticed in recent photos that Violet is looking a lot like her famous mother these days in candid paparazzi pics.

Violet is reportedly very close with her Hollywood mama. "Violet [is] a real mommy's girl," a source told In Touch Weekly. "Not only does she look identical to Jen, [but] they share similar personality traits, too, like their passion for cooking." The outlet reported Garner's eldest daughter is extremely protective of her younger siblings and is extremely mature for her age.

While Violet's resemblance to the "Alias" star is uncanny, Garner has said her daughter has certain traits of her dad's. "Violet's hyper-articulate — she is Ben Affleck's daughter," Garner told The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, Affleck's oldest girl shares his hatred of the paparazzi. "We don't want these cameras, they're scary," Garner said her daughter stated in kindergarten.

Jennifer Garner's daughter wants her own Instagram account

Jennifer Garner is in awe of her daughter Violet Affleck becoming a young adult. The actor expressed her disbelief of her daughter growing up in a December 2020 interview on "Today" "Can you stand it!?" Garner exclaimed after announcing it was her daughter's birthday. "Can you believe little Violet Affleck, she is 15?"

Despite Violet coming into her own as a young lady, Garner is still wary about her teen growing up too fast. The actor revealed during an episode of "Next Question With Katie Couric" that she hasn't yet allowed Violet to get an Instagram account.

"Without even having parents who are well-known, I worry about all kids having to deal with this new pressure," Garner explained (via E! News). The mom went on to admit she can see why her daughter wants to hop on IG like her friends. Garner also noted that she is more or less modeling the opposite of what she wants Violet to do by putting her own life on display for her 11.6 million Instagram followers.

Garner's niece also shares the family resemblance

Violet Affleck isn't the only one of Jennifer Garner's family members to share the actor's movie star good looks. Garner recently took to her famous Instagram to show off her other mini-me, her teenage niece Emma Carpenter. The "Yes Day" actor appeared alongside Carpenter in a vlog of the pair exploring the downtown area of Garner's native Charleston, West Virginia, per Hello!. "My darling Emma — my only niece — I love you so," Garner wrote on Instagram. Garner and her niece walking side-by-side led fans to do a double-take. "Hmmmm my bad your niece looks like you," one Instagram user commented. "Your sis looks like you too!" The aunt and niece duo share not only the family resemblance but an adoration of their Wild and Wonderful home state. "If you love the people, the history, and the architecture of your hometown like Emma loves Charleston — you have my attention," the "Peppermint" actor wrote.

Garner's followers have noticed the genes on her side of the family are definitely strong since the "Alias" actor posted a group photo alongside her two sisters earlier this year. In a sweet birthday tribute post on Instagram, Garner showed off her sisters Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter and Melissa Garner Wylie. Despite the actor being the middle child, fans raved that the three beautiful "#GarnerGirls" look more like triplets. One user complimented the sisters: "Ahh so cute you all look alike."